Monday, March 30, 2009

Update on Debbie Abascal, #5

Debbie went into surgery this morning, and everything went much better than they had anticipated yesterday. They didn't have to sever any arteries or cut off any blood flow to her brain, so there was no stroke and probably won't be any impairment like they were concerned about before.

So the surgery lasted almost 5 hours and went better than they had thought, and of course, her family and friends were overjoyed to hear that.
She's sedated and isn't taking any non-family visitors right now and probably won't for several days, but I'm sure the family would appreciate a visit to the waiting room if you're interested in doing that. They're on the 2nd floor, ICU waiting room.

She's in recovery right now, but I just got a call from someone at the hospital to let me know that prayers are needed concerning the blood flow on her right side as it's not flowing correctly like it was at first after the surgery. They'll be doing some scans and such to figure out what's going on, but this is definitely a prayer need.

Also, please continue to pray against a stroke and keep praying for the family as they go through this time.

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