Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Five - Thoughts from the week

Five thoughts from this week:

1. I like Governor Perry - a LOT. I'm really torn between voting for him again or for Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson for Texas governor in 2010. I respect that like former President Bush, he's a man of integrity and courage and character and conviction, and he's willing to do what's right, even if it's not popular. Like not accepting $555 million of stimulus money to expand unemployment insurance in the greatest state of Texas. I know that's gonna hurt him when campaign time comes along at the end of this year.

2. I met with a couple of pastors in the Northeast who are totally Kingdom-minded and want to see the Del Sol Church Northeast campus succeed. They've been around the Northeast and the El Paso Baptist Association for awhile, so they know what's going on and were a big help. They also told me that now that word has gotten out, some other pastors in the Northeast are criticizing me behind my back because they feel like we're encroaching on their territory. How sad.

3. I LOVE my iPhone. I thought it would be really hard to figure out and didn't know if I would like it when I actually got my own, but in all honesty, I really have no idea how I lived before it! I was raving about it to someone this week and they asked if Jesus would have used an iPhone if they were around in His time. At the risk of being heretical ...yes, I think He would have. =)

4. I became part of a deeply sad situation that someone brought to my attention this week and we're in the process of working through right now. It's so sad how our sinful human nature can cause even the best of us to do things that hurt ourselves and hurt others. I'm praying for God to bring out truth, to cause grace and humility and forgiveness to reign, and for this to end up being an incredible act of restoration for everyone involved. Please pray for me about this, that God will show me how to handle the situation with integrity and in a God-honoring, Biblically sound, wise way.

5. The weather this week has been so strange! It was so warm, then it became cold and rainy, then sunny but cool. Make up your mind, skies of El Paso!

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pete wilson said...

Our weather has been just as crazy here in Nashville!