Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Five - Inherited Character Traits

Today's Friday Five - Five character traits I inherited or learned from my parents.

1. Generosity - If there is one thing that can be said about my parents (and their parents at that), it's that they have lived generous lives. They've never been financially rich, but they've always been rich in good deeds. They would help others even when our family was in need ourselves, because they always knew that in some cases there were others who were in more need than we are. I think that attitude of generosity is something that's spread down to all my brothers and I.

2. Caring heart - This kind of goes hand in hand with generosity, but my parents really, truly care about people. They show that in so many different ways, like by being generous. The way they have cared about people has been a great example to myself and my brothers about how to care for the people in our lives.

3. Growing Intellect - My parents have always challenged us to get a good education and to never stop learning. They did what most of their family members didn't do - get a college education - and it was never really an option for us to not get a college education. They didn't force us, but it was just an idea we never entertained in our home, and I'm glad that they always encouraged us to go to college.

4. Confidence - I'm confident; not in myself, but in the fact that I was raised well and that God has given me many talents and the ability to grow in them. I'm confident not in myself, that I'm some big hot shot - but I remember who I am (a Martinez), and whose I am (God's). That humble confidence is something my parents ingrained in me. I never want to bring shame to my identity as a Martinez or my identity as a follower of Christ.

5. Perseverance - So if there was ever a couple who persevered through tough times, it was my parents. Whether it was living off of expired food and government issue powered milk and powdered eggs, or my mom having to sell her wedding ring to be able to buy a water heater, they persevered through some difficult situations and always taught my brothers and I to fight on no matter what we face.

What about you - what are some character traits you got from your parents?

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