Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday night mind purge

- Monday was an interesting day. I had spent the past few days being pretty sick and was just barely starting to feel better on Monday. So I spent most of the day at the office, getting things ready for a trip to Chicago I'm taking the first weekend in April, getting ready for a GrowGroup that night that I was supposed to be leading, and other things I needed to get done.

- After I took awhile getting ready for the GrowGroup, nobody ended up showing up. You'd think I would've been upset, but I wasn't. It's ok, I've just learned to roll with the punches. I'm actually glad because it frees me up to be involved in Troy's GrowGroup, which I had really enjoyed the few times I had been there.

- Tuesday morning I met with the assistant principal at Dr. Nixon Elementary and talked about the possibility of meeting there. You can read more about that and what's up with the Del Sol Church Northeast campus here. After that we had a surprise staff luncheon for Creighton to celebrate his birthday, then staff meeting, and then I worked with Cheryl on making a new list of candidates for kids' ministry director. Oh, and I FINALLY got a project off my back that I had been putting on the back burner since mid-January. It's funny because I offered to take that project on and then kept putting it on the back burner, and now it's done. Whoo! That felt good to finally get that done.

- I spent pretty much all of Wednesday at the office, working to get ready for our first launch team meeting that night and registering Rick, Kristin, and myself for our trip to Chicago for Community Christian Church's upcoming Hitchhiker's Guide to Multi-Site experience. Afterwards, I took my dog to the vet (which was an interesting experience) and then on Wednesday night, we had our first launch team meeting. Let me tell you, I was SO nervous about it, but I hope it went well and that we made some progress.

- On Thursday I had lunch with a couple of new pastor friends of mine from the Northeast. It was a very encouraging time, and I'm looking forward to getting to know them better. After that I went to meet with my accountability partner and then went back and finished some stuff up at the office before going home to read a little bit and then go back to the Del Sol East campus for the Mix. Man, that was a real encouraging and challenging time for those of us there. Then Village Inn with Rick and Kristin until the wee hours of the night as usual.

- Friday was mostly a much-deserved crash day for me. Possibly borderline slothful, but I really needed the rest after a long week of being sick and recovering from being sick. I slept in 'til past noon, cleaned up and went for lunch, then went to go clear something up with my paycheck and then went to the mall real quickly to buy some collared shirts and to buy a gift for a good friend of mine.

- I really don't like going to the mall.

- I slept in again on Saturday, but not so late this time. Then I got up, went for a good, long run, invested a good amount of time in prayer, and then cleaned out my car. I found an orange under the seat from when we went to Phoenix for Dare2Share a couple of weeks ago, and it made me kind of sad thinking about my youth and Stephen and my girls that were back there.

- I'm really having a hard time being away from my youth. It's ...hard. But I know God's called me to the task I'm putting my hand to now and I'm excited about it and ready to see what God's got in store for Del Sol through the Northeast campus launch.

- This morning I woke up feeling so melancholy and kind of sad, but I felt so much better after worshipping with my Del Sol family. After the 9:30 worship celebration, I went to see G-force kids ministry at 11 am, and boy did I enjoy that! It had been SO long since I had worked with kids, and I had almost forgotten how much fun and fulfilling it is to work with kids!

- I was so blown away as I watched out kids' ministry volunteers . Del Sol Church has THE best volunteers in the entire country! Not Willow Creek, not North Point, not Saddleback, not Granger, not North Coast - we do! Right here on the East side of El Paso, Texas, you'll find the most amazing volunteers in the whole country!

- I had a lunch meeting today with a couple to talk about the wife accepting the position of kids' ministry director for the Northeast campus. They told me they'd pray about it and let me know this week, but they all but said yes right there on the spot! She was already talking about plans for the future and kept smiling as she talked about how excited she is about the Northeast campus. I know they haven't said "yes" yet, but I think they will, and so I left that time feeling like a thousand pound weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

- Now that it looks like we've probably got the staff we need, we just need God to provide the money for all this (probably at least $100,000 for launch expenses) and the dozens of volunteers we'll need. No big deal, right? =)

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