Sunday, March 29, 2009

Update on Debbie Abascal, #4

So I just got back from visiting with Debbie and her family in the hospital today. She's had such a long "parade" (her term) of visitors that they've had to limit each visit to just about 5 minutes or so each, but somehow I was blessed and was able to come in and spend about 15 minutes or so with her, and what a blessing that was.

I gave her some notes that some of the Del Sol East campus' choir wrote and showed her some pictures of some neighbors of hers that were baptized today, and I think the notes and pics really encouraged her. She looks really good today (she's having what they called a "good day" today), and I think her family is doing much better today.

Now this is the latest update about her: initially they thought her brain surgery would be somewhat simple, that the aneurysm would be like a clump that they could go in and remove, but now they've discovered that the aneurysm has several feeders that have latched onto other blood vessels, so it's a very precarious surgery she will be going through.

The surgery is at 7 am tomorrow morning, and they'll start prepping her at 5 am tomorrow. The surgery take 5 - 7 hours.

Because of the situation, there's a big probability that she will have a small stroke while in surgery, and will probably have some sort of walking impairment on her right side after everything. It could be a minor limp, or it could be a permanent impairment at worst. Her recovery might be quick, like 4 or 5 days, or it might be months. We won't know until they're in there and the surgery is through.

After the surgery, she'll be in a chemically induced sedation and won't be awake until Tuesday morning at the earliest, maybe not even until Wednesday, and afterwards she'll need several days until she can have any non-family visitors.

So as you can see, this is a very sensitive situation and the Abascal family need plenty of prayer and fasting. Pray for Debbie and the doctors during the surgery tomorrow morning, but also be praying for her family over the next few days.

I'll post another update as soon as I find anything else out. In the meanwhile, let's be praying.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ariel, my name is Laura Turner and Debbie is my aunt - one of my mom's sisters. I want to thank you for posting these updates. Evethough Tim is calling me at every turn, it's nice to read your very thorough and calm sounding updates. I live in Vegas and this has shortened the distance considerably for me. Thank You and blessing to you!

Laura Scott said...

Hi Ariel,

I also want to thank you for providing this source of current information on my cousin Debbie. My family and I live in Oakhurst, CA. We're too far away to support Debbie and her family as I'd like to. It's so reassuring that the family of God is doing all and more than I could even imagine doing.

I'm so proud of Debbie. She has obviously continued on the path of loving others & sharing her time and love of life with all those around her--just as she did when we were kids.

We might be far away in miles, but our prayers are going up for her constantly.

Thanks again for providing this web access. Laura