Saturday, March 28, 2009

Update on Debbie Abascal, #2

I just got a call from Cheryl Reed, our children's minister, who told me that Debbie's daughter Amy had called her and given her an update.

First, Debbie is awake and quite aware of her situation, and is texting people and welcomes visitors to her. She's in the ICU in room 3, however if you do want to visit her, keep in mind that they only allow 2 visitors at a time so you might have to wait a little while if someone else is in visiting her. Also, the visiting hours are 8:30 am - 1 pm and 3 - 6:30 pm. I think there is also a brief visiting visiting period like 8:30-10 pm or so, but you would need to call Sierra Medical Center at (915) 747-4000 to verify.

Second, the neurosurgeon saw Debbie this morning and told her that there are 2 ways to deal with the aneurysm - brain surgery or another method that is like an angioplasty, but because the aneurysm was quite large, he didn't think the angioplasty-like treatment would be the best way to go, but he was going to talk with a fellow neurosurgeon in Albuquerque about what treatment to go with. If they do end up doing brain surgery, it won't be until Monday.

So that's what I know. I'll keep you updated whenever I find anything else out. Keep praying!

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