Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Del Sol Northeast prayer update - 11/11/09

Here's the latest update on the Northeast location:

- This past Sunday, the 8th, was our first preview service at Del Sol Northeast. A preview service is like the soft opening of a business, intended to give people a preview of what things will look like at the grand opening, and to allow us to work out the kinks in our systems, equipment, and setup so that everything should go smoothly for the grand opening on Sunday, January 24th.

- For the first preview service, we had a handful of people from the community and about 25 or 30 from the East campus join us at 11:00 am, so the room felt pretty full, which is a good thing. We also had a smaller volunteer service at 9:30 so that those who would be serving during the 11:00 am service could worship before serving. We’re still in the process of evaluating our first preview service and while there are many things we need to work on for the second preview service on December 13th, I think this Sunday was a good start for Del Sol Northeast and showed everyone involved that God has a bright future, full of possibilities for our Northeast campus.

- I’m very grateful to those of you from Del Sol East that came out to join us on Sunday, and I’m VERY proud of our volunteers who gave up a good portion of their Sunday morning to serve at the Northeast campus. Thanks to all who prayed for, attended, and served at our first preview service this past Sunday.

- On the 31st of October, we had a free Fall Festival at the NE campus. Thanks to Grace Taylor and Kim Loya, it was so well organized and looked really good. We had almost 50 volunteers from the East campus serving, and we had just over 60 people from the Northeast community come out to the festival. Just like the preview service, there’s a lot we learned for next time, but I think that this event was also a success. We were able to make some good contacts with those who did come out and we were able to have a lot of face time with them, which we wouldn’t have been able to do if there had been a bigger crowd show up.

- Preparing for the Fall Festival and then for our first preview service was a major endeavor that required countless hours of work [and countless fast food meals on my part =)], but now that we are on the finished end of those events, we can take time to breathe, rest, be refreshed, and prepare for doing more outreach into the community and to prepare for the next preview service. December 13th seems so far away, but like your passenger side mirror on your car pretty much says - “things are closer than they appear.”

Here's how you can pray this week:

1. Continue praying for our Launch Team as we prepare for the next preview service, do more outreach into the community, and as we work together so that everyone can find exactly where their place is at Del Sol Northeast. Our team is pretty unified but satan loves to bring division, so please ask God to bind us together and to ward off anything that might bring disunity.

2. There are a lot of details to work through for our next preview service. Also, I’m preparing to preach at the East campus on Sunday, November 29th and then again at the Northeast campus on December 13th, and I have many other responsibilities as a staff member of Del Sol. Please pray for me to be well rested, to be closely connected to the Lord, to turn away from temptation, and to be wise in building up my relationships.

3. Ask God continue to work in the community around the Northeast campus, that He would send many more from the community to our second preview service and that He would give us favor with them as we show them God’s love in practical ways by serving them in coming weeks.

Thanks for your prayers - I truly believe they make a big difference.

- Ariel Martinez |
Del Sol Church - Northeast Campus Pastor
11501 Vista del Sol, El Paso, TX 79936
Office: (915) 855-3798 ext. 231 | Cell: (915) 449-0552

Friday, November 6, 2009

Del Sol Northeast prayer update, 11/06/09

Hey prayer team!

I apologize that it's been a couple of weeks - 3 weeks, actually - since I sent out my last prayer update. So much has gone on, and so many of you have been a part of it, that I simply haven't had time to send out an update.

Hopefully next Wednesday I can get back on track with sending you regular updates but until then, this is how you can pray:

This Sunday, November 8th, at 11:00 am is our first Sunday morning worship celebration at Del Sol Northeast!!! Please pray that God will lead our worship time and will make his presence known to everyone there. Pray that God will speak through me as I preach, and pray that as His Gospel message is preached, He will draw many to repentance and to a new life in Christ.

Pray for me to really internalize the message He's given me and to speak it boldly and humbly. Also, since I will give out everything I am on Sunday, ask Him to strengthen me and that after Sunday, I can rest and recover and again be filled with Him.

Pray for those from the community who will be there on Sunday, that they will be open to us and will be favorably disposed towards us so that we can truly make good connections with them and can discover how we can Serve the World by serving them.

Thanks SO much for your prayers - they are truly making a difference, especially in this intense time as we really gear up to launch Del Sol Church - Northeast campus.

- Ariel Martinez |
Del Sol Church - Northeast Campus Pastor
11501 Vista del Sol, El Paso, TX 79936
Office: (915) 855-3798 ext. 231 | Cell: (915) 449-0552