Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday night mind purge

What a week!

- I was so wiped out that I slept in on Monday morning. I went in to the office after lunchtime and spent most of the day studying and working on my message for the Mix on Thursday, my Bible study for the band retreat on Saturday, and another Bible study for this morning. After work, I went to the hospital to visit Lesli, then went to buy some groceries.

- Tuesday was another study/writing day, with Youth for Christ at Hanks and staff meeting in the middle of the day. Again, went to Beaumont to visit Jeff and Lesli right after work, so all those elements combined made for another really long, tiring, draining day like Monday.

- I really don't like going to hospitals, but I could definitely see them as some great opportunities to serve people in the Name of Jesus Christ. Maybe take fresh coffee and donuts to people waiting in the emergency room? Or snacks for the staff at the intensive care unit? Hmmm ...

- Wednesday was another day spent mostly at the office. I would much rather be out meeting with people or at a school campus, rather than cooped up behind my desk, but this week was so jam packed that I didn't really have another choice this week.

- Thursday was yet another day spent at the office. I had a very good meeting with Pastor Walter, then we had the Mix in the evening. I had such a good time at the Mix this week. I always have fun, but for some reason this particular week I was REALLY having fun.

- Actually, I can't remember the last time I enjoyed the Mix as much as I did this week.

- And it's nice to know that I really am loved. I know some people don't know how to express it well, but the Mix was just a great reminder of how much my youth ministry family loves me.

- Friday was my "day off". I use the quotation marks because I was actually pretty busy getting ready for our band retreat that evening. We drove up to Aspendale right by Cloudcroft, NM for the overnight retreat.

- What a fun weekend! Troy's scary stories, trying to make a fire in the fireplace, throwing stuff across the guys' dorm room, getting hit in the eye with a shoe, "warming up" the go karts while everyone else was still at the dorm, racing the go karts with the rest of the group, worship through music and a Bible study, playing Mafia, singing Happy Birthday to DP, Original David, Other David, and Matthew at Burger King. Good times, good times ...

- Probably the best part of the weekend was Alex's line while we were all playing Mafia: "is that supposed to be on fire?" =)

- I was so wiped out this morning. It was so nice not having to be there at 8 am for band practice. I got to sleep in 'til 7 am today, and it was really nice!

- We finished up our Philippians study today. I taught junior high and then went to the 11 am worship celebration. It was really great today, really really great. The music was awesome, Walter's message was right on, and we had a chance to sacrifice and give for our children's ministry center.

- I'm excited to see how our church family responded financially through the offering we took up today!

- After our church gatherings this morning, I was invited to go with the Pryor family to lunch to celebrate David's birthday. Man, I love that guy! Anyway I had such a great time with the Pryors. I love being around them and seeing such healthy, God-honoring family dynamics.

- Then I crashed pretty much as soon as I got home and I slept 'til about 6 pm. Ugh ...I'm still do tired and feel drained. Thankfully I'm able to take tomorrow off.

- Tomorrow I'm going to sleep in a bit and then go to the church not to work, but to help decorate for Christ-mas. I'm REALLY excited about that!

- I'm also kind of nervous about tomorrow because I'll be going to the doctor in the afternoon to find out the results of some blood work I had done a couple of weeks ago. Kind of really nervous. I've been really nervous about this doctor's appointment tomorrow for awhile now, and I'm just ready to know. I feel like my body is fighting against itself, and I hope that the blood tests will reveal what's going on.

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