Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday night mind purge

All in all, this has been a good week.

- Monday ...gosh, I honestly don't really remember what Monday was like.

- Tuesday was kind of cool. I went to Youth for Christ at Eastwood High School to hang out with my Eastwood peeps Nataly, Savannah, Alicia, Sarah, and Cassandra. I love those girls, and it was SO encouraging to see such a big YFC club. There must have been at least 50 people there and Josh Brown from LifeGate Church definitely brought it in his message.

- Tuesday was also our weekly staff meeting. Every week we start by sharing "wins", which are stories of how God is moving and how we're accomplishing our mission. It's always so cool to hear and celebrate how God's working in lives throughout the people of Del Sol Church!

- On Tuesday they put up some freakin' nice 50" LG flat screen TV's in Cafe del Sol. They look AWESOME!

- On Wednesday I had a great lunch meeting. It wasn't great because it was at Grandy's (though that was pretty down), but it was awesome because I hadn't really had a chance to talk with Lee Loper in such a long time.

- I went to my doctor on Wednesday afternoon to see him about some health issues I've been having for many weeks now. He's got some ideas of what might be going on, but I've got to get some blood tests done to be sure.

- This week was also our First Wednesday communion celebration. We prayed for our new President-elect and worshipped through music.

- I went to Youth for Christ at Jefferson High School on Thursday to hang out with my Jefferson peep and one of my youth leadership team members, Alexa. It was also pretty full there and also very encouraging, just like Eastwood's YFC.

- the Mix was on Thursday night, then I went to Rudy's with Rick and Kristin, then to Village Inn for some pie.

- It was really cold on Thursday night almost got to freezing!

- Friday day of rest ...was not very restful. I hate when my days of rest are filled with stress.

- Saturday morning I had to go get blood drawn for the tests my doctor ordered. I almost died. Well not really, but I did almost pass out. Read about it here.

- After that I went to the Unify Conference and had one of the most incredible, worshipful, miraculous, prayerful experiences of my life with those hundreds of youth and adults from all over El Paso. It was so great not to have to do anything, or to be responsible for anything, and to just hang out with my adult friends who are in the same youth ministry boat as I am.

- This morning at Del Sol Church was p-a-c-k-e-d, PACKED! I'll get the numbers tomorrow, but I wouldn't be surprised if we had over 1,000 again this weekend.

- After our worship celebration services, we had a youth leader's meeting with our youth staff. The volunteer youth staff at Del Sol Church's Fire Youth Ministry is made up of pretty much the greatest people in the universe.

- I'm humbled ...just absolutely humbled with where God has me in life and where He's taking me next year. I can't even begin to describe how humbled I feel as I think about what He's doing in this part of my life.

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