Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh by the way ...

I went to the doctor on Monday afternoon for a followup to find out the result of some blood tests I had done a couple of weeks ago. My doctor thought I might have had a hyperactive thyroid, and we tested me for diabetes as well - thus the tests.

He showed me that all my numbers are actually quite good, except my bad cholesterol which was just 3 points above what it should be. He wasn't worried about that at my age.

So I asked him why it might be that I'm always hungry and tired. He said I might not be sleeping well so my parents have to watch me when I sleep and make sure I'm not tossing and turning and to make sure I'm still breathing when I sleep. I might have to get some sleep tests done if that's the case. Or he said this might just be a phase my body is going through and I'll just have to wait it out.

So basically, I'm in pretty good health.

Also, he diagnosed me as being lactose intolerance, so I have to stay away from dairy, beef, deep fried foods, and anything that's high in sugar.

That's gonna be a pain, especially with the the holidays so close. Curse you, lactose!


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