Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thoughts from the first day of Innovation3.

These are the quotes I'm chewing on right now at the close of the day:

"Real failure is ministry that's empty, characterized by impure motives, manipulation, people-pleasing, flattery, and masks." - Pete Briscoe

"You have to go after God and wrestle with Him for a blessing. Getting His blessing will leave you crippled." - Tim Keller

"Are you promising more in the showroom than what you have in the stockroom?" and "Healthy competition is one church sharpening another." - Stacy Spencer

"Try, fail, learn, and adjust." and "Fail aggressively, not passively." - Craig Groeschel

"There is no way you can be creative if you're not connected by the Holy Spirit to the Creator." - Dave Gibbons

"Play your part well and be faithful." - Matt Chandler

And the two biggest "DANGGGG!" quotes I'm chewing on:
"The greatest hindrance to a new move of God is the last move of God." - John Jenkins

"Only in America would we say that you have to fail so you can win. You may just fail." - Mark Driscoll


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