Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday night mind purge

- On Monday I went back to the office for the first time in a week, ready to get back into the swing of things. I spent most of the day cleaning out my desk, doing some admin stuff that had piled up, and updating my notes on the new campus.

- I've spent almost every waking hour this week thinking about, dreaming about, talking about, and praying about the new campus.

- Tuesday I did some more admin work, updated my planner for 2009, and created a protective foam insert for our mics and presentation clicker. I'm pretty proud of it; I should've taken a pic so you could see. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

- It was nice to get back into the swing of things - i.e. being back at the office. Too bad it was only for 2 and a half days.

- On Wednesday I went into the office for a couple of hours and lo and behold, Pastor Jackie Fendley, his wonderful wife Chris, and their very lovely daughter Ashley came for a visit. They were in El Paso to visit friends for New Year's. I went to lunch with them at Jaxon's, had some GREAT conversation with Ashley, and then took her shopping at the mall. It was such a short visit and I really wish I could have invested more time with them, but I'm also really grateful for the time I had with them.

- After that visit, I realized how much I missed Ashley's friendship, and I realized how I really need to be a better, more encouraging friend to her.

- So Wednesday night was New Year's Eve, and while I'm glad that we at Del Sol don't have services that night, I like to go to worship on that night. Usually I go to CrossPoint Church for their New Year's Eve services but this year I decided to go to Abundant Living Faith Center instead, and boy do I not regret that decision! It was one of the most amazing worship experiences I've ever been to, and it was great to finish off the year by worshiping God with other believers, even if they're not my own church family.

- Usually I go out to the county, around Montana Vista, to watch people shoot off fireworks and set the dry brush on fire, but I was so tired that I just went to bed around 11:45 pm. I was just falling asleep when Mrs. Candi Pryor called me and her and those in her car wished me a Happy New Year. As I was on the phone with her, Shannah Pryor texted me, then called me after I hung up with her mom. I talked with Shannah and Leah and Kayla and Mark (sort of) for like 30 minutes on speakerphone until I finally expressed my deep desire to sleep, what with it being nearly 1 am and all.

- But that was THE greatest wakeup call I've ever had. I don't know if I've ever felt as loved as I did then.

- New Year's day was spent sleeping in, going for a nice long run, buying a sweet purple dress shirt (I've been wanting one for YEARS), and hanging out at my crib.

- As I was out running, I was listening to the NewSpring Church podcast where Perry Noble reviewed what God had done through them in 2008. As I ran, I was talking with God about how awesome it is how He's been working at Abundant and Del Sol and NewSpring and so many other churches in this great country. I was so overcome with awe that I was crying and almost fell down on the ground as I ran. I made it home, rushed into my room, and literally collapsed on the floor and just cried tears of gratitude and prayed for a long time. I was just absolutely overwhelmed with God's goodness in 2008, and was so ready for what He's going to do this year.

- Friday was a pretty chill day too. Slept in again, went running, cleaned up, got lunch, then spent the rest of the day taking down the Christ-mas decorations (*tear*) and cleaning/organizing the garage.

- Saturday was another sleep in day (come on - it's the holidays!). I did some more cleaning/organizing, then met Josh and Nicki at Starbucks to catch up and talk about the new campus, then went to Abundant for the first part of Charles' new series called "For This Cause" (which was AMAZING!!!!).

- Today, Sunday, I went with Rick, Kristin, and Stephen to check out Healing Place Church's El Paso campus that meets at the Carmike theater on the Westside. It was an interesting, cool experience. I learned a whole lot, and I'm even more pumped about our Del Sol Church Northeast campus! After that we rushed back over to the East campus and got here just in time for the beginning of Walter's message. All I can say is ...DANGGGGGGG!!! I'm still processing it, but it was great to have communion with my church family on the first Sunday of the New Year.

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