Sunday, January 25, 2009

Goodbye, Margaret.

For awhile, the El Paso Times has been following the end-of-life story of Margaret Hussmann, an Westsider who had cancerous tumors and was told a few months ago that there was nothing more the doctors could do for her.

On Saturday morning, after putting up a brave fight and enjoying the way-too-little time she had left of her precious life, she passed away.

You can read about her journey, up to the end, by going here:

I've been following her story and I've been so inspired by her and her family, been touched by the love for each other as a family, the feverish dedication of Margaret's friends, and the joy and hope that she lived with, even though she knew she would soon die.

Gosh ...I'm fighting back tears as I think about the Hussmann family and how they must be feeling right now. I'm so thankful that they let El Paso in on the privilege of enjoying Margaret by proxy in these last few weeks.

Father God ...Papa ...I pray for the Hussmann's right now. I pray your peace and healing for them. I pray that You will bring healing to them with every tear they cry. I thank you that their community has surrounded them with so much love and support, and I pray that the love and support will continue in the months to come as they learn to go on after saying goodbye to their Precious Margaret. Be their Papa in this time, oh Lord.

And Lord ...even though I don't get the impression that Margaret was a Christ-follower, I pray that her example of what it means to truly live will be an example to those of us who are Your children of what Jesus meant in John 10:10 when He said He came to give us a full life.

More than anything Lord, may Your grace and mercy abound and may You get the glory in this situation.

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