Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Random thoughts at the end of the day ...

- I love staff meetings. We have them almost every Tuesday.

- Today we planned out pretty much everything up until August, and even got into a bit of planning for Christ-mas Eve. The creative juices were flowing like crazy today ...it was AWESOME!

- I really hope we can go back to Mexico this summer. I know people are predicting worse violence this year than last, but I'm praying and speaking against that.

- Teri (our Missions and Ministries Coordinator), Brenda (one of our youth leaders), and Martha (the chairperson of the finance team) are going to Ghana, Africa at the end of the month for some medical missions work. I must admit, I'm jealous.

- Del Sol volunteers ...can you say FiEsTa?!? You'll know what I mean towards the summer. [I'd never seen Terry Gooding get that excited. Ha ha that was funny!] =)

- We as staff will start reading through the book "The Multi-Site Church Revolution" in preparation to launch the Northeast campus. I'm pretty stoked about that.

- I logged onto Amazon and I have 49 items in my "Saved Items - To Buy Later" thingy and about 40 of those items are books. Man I really need to start reading faster!

- Someone gave me a $25 Walmart gift card on Sunday at the church. It was someone I never would've expected. Not that there's bad blood - it's just someone I'm not close to at all.

- I went to Walmart today to buy a new carry-on luggage for some trips I'm taking at the end of the month. It was $50, but the register rang it up at $36 (the cashier told me that was the correct price after I told her it said $50 on the price label), and with the $25 gift card, I only spent $11 for a super sweet piece of luggage.

- I'm still trippin out about/processing Walter's message from Sunday.

- I'm also thinking about my "to-be" list. I'll probably post it tomorrow.

- I've enjoyed the weather this week - it's actually felt like winter, but it won't last. It's supposed to get into the 60's again by this weekend.

- My stomach has been so upset today. I hate that I don't really enjoy eating anymore.

- The new ABC show "Homeland Security USA" is probably going to be one of my favorite shows this year. They didn't feature any El Paso action in tonight's show, but I know they will in time.

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