Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday night mind purge ...

- So Monday was a mentally exhausting day. Lately, most days have been pretty mentally exhausting because all I do is research, read, think, and talk with people. It's all good and it's all necessary - but it's still pretty taxing. I showed Kim and Troy how to do a lot of the admin work that I used to do for Fire Youth Ministry, then I had about 2 hours to design, proof, and order some "30 Days to Live" message series invite cards in order to make sure they'd be here in time for this Sunday.

- We had an all-day staff meeting on Tuesday, where we talked about pretty much EVERYTHING we're gonna do until the fall. It was an awesome, humbling, amazing, creative day can read about it here if you hadn't already read about it.

- Wednesday was another day of reading, thinking, etc. I did start the day be meeting with a couple of the other staff members and they gave me some much appreciated counsel about some people I was thinking about asking to join the NE campus launch team. They also gave me some ideas for some others that I'm praying about and hopefully will give the "big ask" to pretty soon.

- Thursday was a good day; I read a lot, thought a lot, and talked to some people about potential launch team members and some other launch details, and I got to meet with my accountability partner Jeremy. It was a very encouraging time. This week was very lonely and discouraging, so it was a great booster shot of encouragement.

- Friday was nice because I didn't have to think about anything. Sure, my mind was still running but it was more of a time for me to just relax and let my mind be renewed. I also started watching "Eagle Eye" (which was REALLY good), then had dinner and hung out with Rick and Kristin.

- Saturday was crazy. Every now and then I get on this cleaning craze, and Saturday was one of those days. I cleaned out all the cars, checked all the fluids, filled up the tires, cleaned a little around the house, then cleaned up and went to Abundant for week 2 of Charles Nieman's "For This Cause" message series. All I can say is ...WOW!

- Today was amazing. The music set Craig chose today was definitely "down the chain", Walter's message was like ...woah ..., and Cindy's bilingual song at the end was really creative. I'm still just chewing on what Walter talked about because it was crazy awesome. I'm so glad to have him as our pastor.

- Tonight we had our bi-annual leadership summit, and we talked about some of the details of our "in house, in the city, in the world" missions and ministry plans for 2009. Then we watched a message from the Willow Creek Leadership Summit by Craig Groeschel on "It." Again ...woah!

- So all in all it was a hard week last week, but it was a good weekend - a good time to reconnect with others and with Papa. I'm thankful for my church family, for my friends, for my fellow staff members, and for God's faithfulness. Because of those, I'm ready to face this new week! =)

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