Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday night mind purge

- Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. day. I was up late last Sunday night watching a History Channel special on that man. I think this was the first time in my life that I really, fully recognized and appreciated what he did. I had never fully understood his impact on our country until now - this man was not just a champion of civil rights for blacks, but for American Indians and for hispanics as well. Time was that someone with my skin color wouldn't be allowed to do much more than manual labor and janitorial work, but now I have the opportunity to lead a church campus. Wow. I'm so thankful for the doors he opened and I'm so thankful to God for the gift He gave us in Dr. King.

- I also met with friends on Monday to ask them to consider being ministry directors for the Northeast campus. They said they wouldn't accept because they are pretty committed to their church, but they were very thankful for and humbled by the offer.

- Tuesday ...well everyone in the world knows what the big hubbub was about Tuesday:

- On Wednesday morning I met Greg Hunt, pastor of a really awesome church here in El Paso called Paseo Christian Church. That guy is AWESOME! That church is AWESOME! I'm so glad to have people like him and a church like that in our great city. I had known that man a little less than an hour when he gave me free office space at a facility they have in the Northeast. Wow, what a blessing!

- At lunch on Wednesday, I had a meeting my good friend Daniel from Harvest Christian Center's "Reality Youth Ministry." It was cool to reconnect with him, give him advice and encouragement, and pray for him and for Harvest.

- I absolutely love encouraging people and praying for them. If I could, I'd just talk with people and encourage them all day long.

- Wednesday night I had another meeting ...a dinner meeting with my friends Josh & Nicki Sattelmeier. I've asked them to pray about and consider joining the NE campus launch team as staff director positions. We talked through some of the details and dreamed together a little bit, and they gave me some great feedback which was awesome.

- I talked with my good friend Dave Schubert from Glen Ellyn Bible Church on Wednesday afternoon. It was SO good to talk with him even though it was only for a few minutes.

- Oh, throughout the week I've also somehow been able to get a lot of admin and detail work at the office, even though I've had so many meetings this week. Thursday helped with that, as I was at the office pretty much all day. Thursday night was the Mix, and Levi preached. Sure, he's got a long way to grow, but I'm very proud of him for having the courage to get up on stage and share God's Word with us.

- Village Inn with Rick and Kristin until 1 am on Thursday night/Friday morning. Somewhere in our time there, they committed to the campus and became the first people to officially say "yes" to being on the team. Wow ...I'm still just blown away by that!

- Friday night we had our staff Christ-mas party at Cattleman's Steakhouse waaaaaaaaaay out in Fabens. Oh man ...I missed you, meat! =)

- Saturday ...I just pretty much chilled and watched Swing Vote (which is a really good movie, I thought), then I started to make my way down to Abundant for the Saturday night service, but I didn't go because I felt God telling me not to - and I didn't know why. Well it turned out that I was able to go with Rick, Kristin, and Savannah out to the Pryors and welcome them back from being gone for nearly a month. Oh man, we surprised Candi Pryor (the mom) and she screamed SO loud. It was HILARIOUS! I only wish we had thought to videophone it.

- Today, it was so good to worship again with my Del Sol Church family. Walter really brought it, talking about "Our Life Together" as a local church. Then I went to lunch with some of the Pryors and Savannah and Cheryl, then we went to Montwood to go see Rebecca's play but they wouldn't even let us in the building because the play was sold out. So I went home, lay down on my bed for a bit, then went back to the church building for the membership class (which I was attending with Josh & Nicki so they wouldn't be alone).

- I love hearing Pastor Walter talk about our vision and values and I love how he gets so fired up about outreach and serving and about reaching the lost.

- Some hackers keep attacking the network at the church. They've been attacking my user for several weeks now and they got into Walter's today. Thankfully, Creighton (our awesome director of technology) has put up some serious protection on our network, but I honestly think satan is trying to get to us through our online network because he knows how that would make things really difficult for us at the office. Pray against his attacks on our system, will you?

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