Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Del Sol Northeast prayer update

Here's the latest update on the Northeast campus:

- Last night we had the second meeting of the Northeast GrowGroup for the summer term. It turned out to just be myself and another guy, but since it was just the two of us, we had some great, honest discussion and were able to spend some good time in prayer before we went our ways. I was just about to call him and cancel the group for the night because I was having problems with the DVD player and was tired and hot and didn’t have the beat day, but I’m really glad I didn’t because we had a good time together.

- I spent Sunday evening going through the staff policies & procedures manual with Josh & Nicki Sattelmeier, who will be joining our staff on July 1st as the Northeast GrowGroups & Outreach Director and Worship Director, respectively. We read through it together, discussed it, I answered their questions, and we spent some time talking/dreaming about the future. It was a really great time and even though we were doing business, it kind of felt like we were just hanging out. It was also their anniversary (they chose to meet that day, even though it was their anniversary) so it was cool to be able to bless them by buying them dinner.

- I’ve been working on a list of goals for them once they start on July 1st. Generally, it’s best to hire from within an organization because then the person already has the DNA of the organization engrained in them but since Josh & Nicki are outsiders to the Del Sol culture, these next few months will be great to really instill in them the Del Sol way.

- I’ve also been in talks with someone about the position of kids’ ministry director, and I’ve made an appointment to meet with them next Tuesday so they can let me know what their decision is. I really hope (and I kind of sense) that they’ll say yes, because they have the character, chemistry, and competency required AND because they’re such a great fit in the Del Sol culture already.

- On Saturday I took a few men with me to work on a facility, near Fred Wilson and US 54, which is owned by Paseo Christian Church. It’s an old church building that they’re converting into a community center, with some dorm space for missions groups to stay in and some office space for Paseo to use. They’ve also offered us use of the building to share some office space and use the other facilities on occasion for meetings (just to be clear, it’s not Del Sol’s building and it’s not where we’ll meet on Sunday mornings). It was great to go work together with these men from Del Sol and some other people from Paseo and from a church in Las Cruces to rip off the old roof, down to the bare rafters, and put on a new one. The only thing that didn’t get done was putting new shingles on, but I think we were blessed to be able to come alongside Paseo Christian Church and help meet their need. Hopefully we can do that some more in coming days.

Here's how you can pray this week:

1. I started physical therapy this week for my right knee, which is still hurting from my accident/injury nearly 2 months ago, so please pray for God to use the therapy over the next month to bring healing to my knee.

2. I’ll be contacting an organization today called Church on Wheels to begin the process of ordering the trailer package which will include nearly all of the equipment we’ll need for portable church meetings. This will be a purchase that will be between $40,000 and $50,000 and will include a couple of site visits from the people at COW, so I definitely need wisdom, vision, and insight about how to proceed in making this purchase.

3. Like I said, Josh and Nicki start July 1st, so you can pray for them and for our staff here at Del Sol East as we go through this transition time and begin to orient them and equip them in their new responsibilities.

Thanks for your prayers - I truly believe they make a big difference.

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