Sunday, April 19, 2009

Update on Debbie Abascal, #20

So I know it's been 10 days since I last updated on Debbie, and that's been mostly because I haven't been able to see her since she was released from Sierra Medical Center and taken to Highlands Regional Rehabilitation Hospital.

She's going through therapy basically all day and they're limiting her visitors to basically family and the closest of friends so that she won't be overstimulated, because too many visitors and too much stimulation could actually set her recovery back instead of helping her go forward on this journey to being totally healed.

So, I haven't been there - but Debbie's sister Dorie was here in El Paso for several days and did a great job posting updates on Debbie's Caring Bridge website. I'd encourage you to check out her most recent updates here:

In general, it seems like Debbie's making steady progress, and everyday I hear good progress reports from those who have seen her.

So let's keep praying for her and let's keep believing that God will heal her totally and will provide for all of her and Manolo's needs - especially financial needs, since I know how expensive hospital stays are, even with the best of insurance plans.

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