Thursday, April 2, 2009

Update on Debbie Abascal, #12

More good news! I just received a call about Debbie - the doctors say she is breathing on her own and they want to take her breathing tube out, but they're concerned that her muscles may not be strong enough to hold her airways open, so they're gonna give her 24 hours and see if she continues to do well and if so, they'll take the tube out.

So today, please pray that her muscles will be strong so that when they take out the tube, she will
be able to keep breathing on her own.

Also, she's still able to respond with her hands and feet, so those are good signs as well.

It seems like things are looking up for Debbie, but she and her family and the doctors still needs our prayers. Keep praying because clearly, God is answering our prayers for her to be well.

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Dorie said...

For more updates on Debbie, visit her Caring Bridge website (just started today 4-3-09):