Thursday, April 16, 2009

Del Sol Church - Northeast Campus update

Usually I do these on Wednesdays, but this week I'm a day late. Sorry! Here's the latest update on the Northeast campus ...

- I've been meeting with a lot of people lately - potential volunteers - to share the vision of the NE campus with them and ask them to pray about joining our launch team. It seems like every night I've been meeting with people and talking about our campus, and it's been tiring but also exciting as I see people catch the vision and get excited and commit to praying about joining us. We've still got a long way to go in enlisting around 100 volunteers, but we're definitely making progress.

- On Sunday, I put a very brief blurb in the handout about what we're doing, and I had probably a dozen people come up to me and ask about the campus, so I think that helped raise awareness about the campus. I'm gonna put an update in there regularly, like every other week, to keep the East campus updated on our progress.

- On Wednesday, May 6th, at our next First Wednesday communion service, I will be bringing an inspirational vision-casting message to our church family and I think that will help raise awareness about the NE campus. Our Northeast worship director, Nicki Sattelmeier, will lead worship through music on that night. Hopefully we'll be able to enlist some new volunteers there, and will open up the doors to have more conversations about the possibility of having more people join the campus.

- I had a meeting today with a man who is the unofficial leader of a group of a dozen or so people from First Baptist Church El Paso who are considering joining our team. We hadn’t talked in awhile, so it was good to catch up, to update him on where we’re at, and to again clarify that if they join us, it’ll be a Del Sol Church work and that we’re not looking for people coming from other churches with baggage who will hurt our potential. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes …

- I also met with Craig Sikes, worship pastor at our East campus, and talked about our technology budget and looked at the equipment we have at the East campus that we might be able to use at the Northeast campus. He had some great suggestions on how we could save some money and still do things well, and there was probably enough equipment available to allow us to trim at least $3,000 from our launch budget.

- And I also talked with one of the co-owners of Arrow Building today and he told me that we can use one of his trucks to pull our storage trailer with all our equipment, once we get it. Honestly, that’s been in the back of my mind all year, so it’s a huge relief to know that we’ll actually be able to pull our trailer when we finally get it.

- The administration at Dr. Nixon Elementary is set on NOT letting us use any classrooms there for kids. Not using classrooms is simply not an option. I’ve been trying to setup a time to meet with the Assistant Principal to find out what the concerns are and explain several ways we want to address those concerns and make sure we’re a blessing, not a burden, to the school. We’ve been playing phone tag, but hopefully I’ll be able to get in touch with someone next week.

So even with that, clearly the Lord is working things out in our favor.

So here's how you can pray for me and for the Northeast campus this week:

1. Keep praying for the Lord to provide the rest of the financing for our launch expenses.

2. Pray for me as I prepare to preach on May 6th at First Wednesday. I know the Biblical text I’m going to use, but please ask the Lord to handle that text appropriately, to give me the exact words to say, and to open the hearts of the people who will be there and to continue to send committed volunteers to help us launch this fall.

3. Ask the Lord to work it so that I can meet with the AP at Nixon and talk about the no-classroom issue, and ask Him to work it out so that we can use the classrooms.

Thanks for your prayers!

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