Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Quotable quotes.

In case you didn't know, I love Christ's Church. I am passionate about the worldwide Church and about making her look good to the world and buidling her up however I can.

I truly believe that "church planting" is no longer the wisest way to do that, but that multi-site churches are. Nothing against church planting, and I certainly don't think we should stop planting churches - but in general, I think existing churches spreading through the multi-site church movement is the wisest way to further the Church.

That having been said, I just finished a book called "The Multi-Site Church Revolution" by some guys from Seacoast Church, based out of South Carolina. These guys are kind of like the experts on multi-site churches.

What struck me though was this sentence from the last page ...:
"Imagine the power of a church not built around a personality or facility but instead built around a mission!"

... and this closing paragraph:
"If we are to truly go into all the world and make disciples of all the nations, we can no longer hold onto the comfortable thought of being a church that meets in one location under one roof. Empowered by God's Holy Spirit, we must cross boundaries into other neighborhoods and cultures. We have to open our doors to other churches that may be more effective at reaching the lost and making disciples than we are. We need to put aside our preconceptions of what a church is, what a pastor is, or how the good news should be delivered. And when we do so, it will be said of us that we too have turned the world upside down."

What do you think of these quotes?

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Geoff Surratt said...

Very cool to hear the book is making an impact (And that you made it all the way to the last page!) That's my favorite quote in the book as well.