Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friday Five is temporarily Saturday Six.

Yesterday was Friday and silly me, I forgot to post my Friday Five list. Since I also forgot the previous Friday, I thought that this weekend I'd make it a Saturday Six, just so I don't break the habit.

That having been said, this weekend my Saturday Six/Friday Five list is my favorite places to travel to. These are not listed in any specific order, so #1 is not necessarily my favorite place to travel to:

1. Austin, Texas - I've been to Austin 4 times in my life, which makes it the one place I've traveled to the most in this great country. I absolutely love ATX - the culture, the arts, the music, the folksy feel, the landscape, and of course, THE HISTORY. Austin has a way of just grabbing your heart and never letting go. It's a great place to be, and I'm sure that I'll take many more trips there in my life. Gosh I want to go back! =)

FYI: TECHNICALLY, I've been to Ruidoso, NM and Cloudcroft, NM many more times than I've been to Austin but since those places are so close to El Paso, I don't really count them as traveling because they're only a few hours away. They're the kind of place you take a day trip to, not places you really "travel" to from El Paso.

2. Atlanta, Georgia - I've been to Atlanta twice, and loved it both times. I don't think that Atlanta and the surrounding area is the kind of place I'd want to live in, but I really do like it. There's so much to do, to see, and plenty of good churches to visit and learn from in the ATL.

3. Dallas, Texas - I've been to Dallas once, and it's definitely one of those places I want to go back to again. The 6th floor JFK museum was fascinating, and the attractions around Dallas are also pretty cool. The Dr. Pepper home in Waco, Grapevine Mills mall, and a whole gamut of other things in and around Dallas (like my favorite church, Fellowship Church in Grapevine) make me want to go back again soon.

4. Chicago, Illinois - I've been to Chi-town once, about 4 years ago for a Willow Creek conference and it was a pretty great experience. If you ever get a chance to go up to the viewing floor at the Sears tower, do it! And the ferris wheel at Navy Pier is another don't miss in Chicago. I like Chicago, but it's not necessarily the kind of place that I feel a desire to go back to frequently, like Austin or Atlanta or Dallas.

5. New York City (and its boroughs), New York - I've never actually been to NYC so perhaps but I'm listing it as one of my favorite places to travel because it has always been my dream to go there. If I could, I would move there for several months just to be able see EVERY sight and soak in all the history and architecture and culture that is New York City.

6. Los Angeles, California - I've never been to Los Angeles either, but it's on the list because like NYC, I've always wanted to go spend a good amount of time in LA. The closest I've been to LA was about an hour away in San Bernardino. Los Angeles is also full of history and culture and architecture and art - all of which I can hardly wait to go experience and soak in some day.

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