Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Are you serious about this?"

If you read my blog post on Sunday, you'll see that we talked at our Leadership Summit about the issue of justice and that we are pursuing what we can do as a local church and as GrowGroups and as individuals to be involved in matters of justice in our worlds and in THE world.

Through a series of God-ordained circumstances, today at staff meeting we had someone present something to us that would require us as the leadership of Del Sol Church to take a risk, trust God and the word of a key leader in our church family, and take immediate action in this justice issue to assist a person whose name we don't even know in gaining asylum in this country. We know nothing about this person, have never even seen him, and his story was passed down to us 3rd hand (from someone who had heard it from someone else, who had heard it from the man).

It was like God saying to us "Ok, you say justice matters to you. Are you serious about this? Prove it."

But because of the legal circumstances and the timing, we had to take immediate action on this issue. We couldn't talk about it and pray for a few days about it - we had to act right then and there.

So we did. And we'll find out tomorrow and in the coming days what happened, but I believe that we have an opportunity to completely change the life of someone who has faced serious injustice, to give him an opportunity to connect with Jesus in a personal way.

All we know is that he spent several years under the harsh hand of cruel injustice, has suffered more as a 22 year old than most people will suffer their entire lives, we know that he believes in God but is not a Christian.

We don't know his name; we only know him as "Client."

So please take a moment and pray for Client. Ask God to be merciful to him and ask Jesus to reveal Himself to Client. Pray that by meeting his needs and showing God's love in practical ways to Client, he will be attracted to Jesus and will turn to Him.

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