Thursday, September 11, 2008

Have you ever seen one of those movies ...

... where you know what's going to happen, but the people in the movie don't, and you yell at the TV screen as if they could hear you and you could stop them from certain tragedy?

A little while ago I was watching a History Channel special where they're showing amateur footage from the World Trade Center attacks on September 11th, 2001, and as one of the guys is standing next to a policeman filming before the second tower was hit, the policeman says something and I found myself screaming at the TV, trying to talk to this policeman from 7 years ago.

The policeman was on his radio, telling his commander to send every available ambulance and fire truck to Tower 1, the only one that at the time was on fire.

"STOP! PLEASE!!! DON'T GO OVER THERE!!!!" I yelled at those emergency workers with the deepest sense of despair, knowing what was in store for them as they rushed towards the Twin Towers.

Mr. Policeman, if only you could know that in a few minutes, another tower would be hit, and that not long after that, the towers would start collapsing.

"Oh God, please make them stop!" I was thinking to myself. I wish I could jump through the TV screen, go back in history, and stop this.

In movies, we yell at the actors and actresses to stop. We tell them not to open that door or not to go down that dark hallway - but at the end of the day, those actors and actresses get to go home.

But what happened in September 11th, 2001 was not a movie. The emergency workers did not dust themselves off and walk into their trailers once the "movie" was done. The people jumping out of the burning towers were not stuntmen with parachutes. This is real. And this is evil.

That day was a day when evil and sinfulness was shown at its fullest. And yet the selflessness and bravery, the best in humanity was also shown in those brave men and women who rushed into those burning towers.

Oh God, it's 7 years later, and I still don't understand why September 11th, 2001 happened. I don't understand why evil seems to triumph sometimes. But yet, when I see firemen rushing into burning buildings and police officer standing brave when everyone else is panicking, I know that You are still in the midst of the worst of situations. Though it's hard, I see You still in control, still on top of the situation. Lord, won't you be a comfort to the families of those who even 7 years later are still hurting. Won't You be with our brave soldiers and their families who are now deployed all over the world because of what started with September 11th, 2001. Most of all, be victorious. Good HAS to win. YOU have to win!

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