Monday, December 15, 2008

Wow. This blows my mind!

Watch this, then read my thoughts below:

(Props to "Anne Chan" for bringing it to my attention)

Ok so China ...India ...Before Google ...Supercomputers that can compute more than the entire human species! This stuff is just mindblowing, yet what disturbed me the most was the question at the end of the video: "So what does it all mean?"

That's a great question to ask. Some other good questions to ask are "What are the implications of this?" and "Even though we can, should we?" Like, even though we can build a supercomputer that can compute more than all of humanity ...should we? And what are the implications if we do build it? I mean seriously would that affect humanity if we did that?

This video really just reminded me of Acts 17 where Paul goes to Athens and sees the philosophers and all the idols and come across the idol to an unknown god, and he tells them Who this God is that they didn't know about. Or the Magi in Matthew 2 who saw the star in the east and started searching to see what it was about, and their journey led them to Jesus.

Deep down, even these incredible thinkers of the First Century were asking themselves "so what does it all mean?" And today, people are still asking "so what does it all mean?", and they search and they search and they search ...

People are seeking, and not because that's the title Rick Warren or Bill Hybels coined to describe them. They're seeing stars in the sky, they're worshipping unknown gods, they're creating technology and passing on information without knowing why, and all the while they're asking what it's all about.

So this video challenged me. Some of us know the answer to the question. I'm of those people. Seekers need me to help them find what they're looking for.

Because just like in the First Century, the search always ends with Jesus Christ.

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