Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Five - Significant Events

It's Friday, and that means Friday Five. Yes I know I haven't done a Friday Five in a few weeks but now I'm back from my Friday Five hiatus!

Today, 5 significant events in my life that happened this week:

1. On Sunday I broke the big exciting good news to my youth: in January I will no longer be with youth ministry but will be leading up out endeavor to become a multi-site church by starting a second campus of Del Sol Church in the Northeast part of town. Talk about a big change! I'm a little scared and sad, but more excited than anything else about this.

2. Speaking of the Northeast, after 18 months of our house over there being without a tenant, tonight we finally had a family sign a contract to rent the house and leave some cash money. That means that in January, we'll have an additional income of $925 a month coming in and that will be a HUGE help since my dad's still out of a job and his unemployment insurance will run out pretty soon.

3. After 16 months of house-sitting every weekend (except maybe 3 or 4 when I was out of town) for a couple from my church, the wife finally came back home from being with her daughter up in Oregon to help her take care of her newborn baby. As nice as the money was, I'm really glad to not have to think about meal times for their pets anymore and plan my schedule around them either.

4. Tonight was my last night working at our "Parents Night Out" program. Every first Friday of the month for about 4 years, I've cared for 3rd-6th grade kids and even though I've enjoyed it (and the money), I prayed about it and knew that my time with PNO was over (long before God opened up the doors for me to lead our multi-site endeavor).

5. As for number 5? Well if 4 major life events wasn't enough for one week, I changed savings banks from EmigrantDirect which gives me a 3.00% interest rate to GMAC Bank which gives me a 3.75% rate. Gotta be a wise steward of my money, yo! =)

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bryonharvey said...

Good luck with your move into the adventure of multi-site ministry. I'm working with the team from our church in the sub-urbs of Detroit to launch our first satellite campus.