Monday, December 8, 2008

What a cool experience.

I just had a really cool experience a little while ago!

I was at SuperCuts getting my hair cleaned up a bit because I want it to grow out longer for the winter and they had some new people there. Now you should know that I had been intentionally going to the same stylist each time and had gotten to know the clerk so that if they wanted to, I could talk with them about God and invite them to Del Sol Church.

Of course I wasn't getting to know them just to invite them to church, because that would be pretty lame, but I had been getting to know them as people. Naturally, I was bummed when I found out that the people I had gotten to know weren't working there anymore.

So as I was waiting for them to call my name, I thought to myself "ok self, be open to what God's doing here" and I started thinking about how I could get to know the new people there. They called my name and this very nice guy named Robert ended up being my stylist. He was really friendly and outgoing, so that helped me be open to him. It really ended up being a divine appointment.

We talked for awhile about how long he had been a hairstylist and how he had moved from working on the Westside to working here on the Eastside. Then he asked what I do for a living ...and that's always a tricky thing to talk about because people tend to close up when I tell them I'm a pastor.

This guy, though, was really open to talking about church and started telling me about his journey and how he had been to different churches but just wasn't finding a place to connect. He told me that he wanted to come to DSC this Sunday.

I always carry invite cards with me in case I have the opportunity to invite someone to church, so I gave him one and asked him to come on Sunday and then give me a call so we can talk about the experience and so he can give me his honest feedback. As we were talking about it, the new clerk, Rush, came up and joined in our conversation and told me that "we need more people like you in this world because it's a messed up world." I replied "yeah, there's a lot of crap going on in this world and so we're here to bring hope to the community" and he really liked that [and he especially liked that I was a pastor and said "crap" =) ].

So I invited Rush and told him that if he ends up coming sometime, I'd love to hear his honest feedback about us because we're always looking to improve ourselves.

So I'm excited about Robert and Rush. I don't know if they were just being nice in saying they'd come to DSC sometime or if they're honestly seeking God, but I pray and hope that they will come this weekend and that they'll have a genuine experience with God. Pray for Robert and pray for Rush.

I'm excited to see what God's up to with these guys!

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Geoff Branagh said...

i always have the same experience telling people what i do...sometimes i just say i run a youth program...i leave the church part out...i hate the image of what being a pastor brings up for some people and i get scared they will associate me with that...

it was an encouraging story...thanks