Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My current love/hate relationship.

For quite awhile now I've been having digestive problems. Not anything painful, but just some pretty uncomfortable problems.

I've been to the doctor and had tests run on me, and we figured that I'm lactose intolerant. So, I've been staying away from dairy, cheese, beef, and fried foods because those foods all aggravate the problem.

But it's not just those foods that bother me. Pretty much ANYTHING I eat will disturb my stomach, so now I've gotten to the point where I almost dread having to eat. That's weird because I love food, but yet I also hate it because I know it'll make my life uncomfortable. I know I have to eat in order to live, but it's so annoying how it bothers my digestive system.

Sigh ...I miss not having to think about what I eat, trying to figure out if it has dairy in it and if it'll bother my stomach. I miss beef. I miss cheese.

On the upside, these digestive issues have helped me be more disciplined in my eating and have helped me eat healthier, but I sure do miss cheeseburgers! =)

Food. I love you, and I hate you.

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