Monday, May 18, 2009

Update on Debbie Abascal, #21

It's been nearly a month since I last gave an update on Debbie, mostly because it's been almost a month since I'd seen her.

I say "almost" because I was completely shocked in a wonderful way to see her this Sunday morning at Del Sol Church. I was walking in and I noticed someone in the aisle, in a wheelchair. That's not anything unusual so I didn't think anything of it, until I got closer and realized it was her - it was Debbie!

I was overjoyed and gently touched her on the shoulder to get her attention, said "Hi Debbie" and walked on because I could tell that it was a very special moment for her and her family and I didn't want to disturb them.

Walter preached about Heaven, and when He read Revelation 21:3-5 which talks about how there will be no more crying or pain or sickness, I just started weeping, thinking of her, thinking of my parents, thinking of my own self and all the physical struggles I've had and how one glorious day, all our pain will be gone.

Afterwards, I walked out in the direction of the foyer and there she was, surrounded by family, talking to one of her friends at the church. I walked up to her, talked to her daughter DJ for a moment then Manolo greeted me and I asked him how he was and how Debbie is doing. He said she's really making progress and that she had been given a 2-day release from rehab and spent the night at her own home, for the first time since March 27th.

Oh goodness, when he said that I saw the incredible joy in his face and just had to fight the tears back (though I suspect a few got out somehow) and somehow, while being so choked up, said that was wonderful and that I was happy for them.

And then I heard some of the most wonderful words I've ever heard. I heard Debbie say "Hi Ariel", and she motioned for me to come give her a hug.

She recognized me. She recognized me. Do you know how amazing that is? It has nothing to do with me - but the fact that she recognized me and knew my name was just amazing! I'm not family, I'm not one of her close circle of friends, I hadn't seen her in almost a month, so the fact that she remembered my face and name really speaks to the fact that she's making great progress.

This is a picture I snuck while she was talking to some other people:

I can hardly wait for the day when she'll be standing up on stage, singing to the Lord and leading us in worshipping the God who Healed her.

I know that day is not very far away, so let's celebrate all the progress she's made and thank God for bringing the healing He's brought her so far, and let's keep asking Him to continue to heal her and keep believing that He will heal her totally.

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