Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday night mind purge

- So Monday was the beginning of the week, and turned out to be a really loooooong day; we're talking not getting home 'til 9 pm long. First going into the office, then volunteering at Wayside, then working several hours at The Bagel Shop. After that, I went to the hospital to visit a dear friend of mine who had brain surgery that morning, then rushed to the store to get some groceries and rushed home to make a salad to take to GrowGroup that night. A great day, but a long one no less.

- Tuesday was another long day, but this time I got home earlier, like around 8:30 pm. =) I worked at the office pretty much all day, had staff meeting in the middle of that, then ran a ridiculous amount of errands in a matter of an hour before meeting a guy at Starbucks in the Northeast who was our guest at Del Sol's East campus on Easter. We ended up talking for like an hour and a half, and by then I was hungry like the wolf so I ended up eating at Papa Burgers, down on Piedras in Central El Paso. It was pretty good, but not better than Roscoe's. They did however have the SMALLEST bathroom I've ever seen. Seriously, it's like 3 feet wide:

- Wednesday was a great day. I'm preaching this coming Wednesday (May 6th) and knew a basic idea of what I'd preach on (our vision to become a multi-site church), but had a total mental block for the previous 2 weeks whenever I'd try to sit down and write my message. On Wednesday morning before I went into the office. I talked with God and told Him that I really needed His help because I really needed to write my message that day. I got into the office and I cranked it out (I didn't "crank that soulja boy" though ...), writing until about 2 pm.

- I finished just in time to meet with Craig and run through the flow for First Wednesday this week and then rush over downtown to see my doctor about my knee and ankle. He told me that I've got a torn ligament and bad sprain/possible hairline fracture in my right ankle, and that I just need to take Advil, use ice for pain, and wait a few weeks for healing. After that, I rushed back to the East campus and our launch team took a field trip to prayer walk around the school that the Northeast campus will meet at, then went up Transmountain to one of the viewing points and prayed over our great city.

- Leah Pryor gave me a REALLLLLLLY good brownie on Wednesday night; we're talking the kind that just melts in your mouth.

- If you gave me a brownie or other baked good, I'll love you forever. If that means my love is conditional, so be it.

- I REALLY miss running in the mornings. That's the worst part about this injury I have.

- Thursdays seem to be a little more laid back for me lately; this past Thursday I spent some time at the office finishing up a monthly report to give to Walter, looking through curricula for a GrowGroup I'll be leading this summer, then drove around to several Goodwill stores and to Savers looking for mexican style garb for our volunteer fiesta on Friday night.

- Oh Friday ...our annual volunteer celebration! One of my favorite events of the year. It's so amazing and humbling to be surrounded by over 300 volunteers who give countless hours to the cause of Christ by serving at Del Sol Church as parking attendants, welcomers, GrowGroup leaders, ushers, kids ministry workers, youth leaders, and so much more. I loved it because it was so great for us staff to be serving people rather than leading people:
See, usually I lead the charge for volunteers and part of leading means telling people what to do (not in a mean way, of course) - so it's wonderful to have that time each year where I'm not being served by anyone, but am serving those who give so much to make our church who we are.

- I really hope our volunteers recognize how much we as the leadership love and appreciate them and how we know we couldn't do anything without them. A major reason God has blessed Del Sol like He has these past couple of years is because of our self-less volunteers who contribute so much time, money, passion, and love. Thanks, volunteers!

- On Saturday I went to a memorial service, then had lunch with a friend, took a nap, then ended up spending the rest of the evening cleaning out and organizing some bank statements, tax statements, paycheck stubs, and other paperwork that I had been keeping in a big gift bag since 2001. I separated them by year, cleaned out a lot of stuff I didn't need to keep. These were my stacks before I put them into plastic storage boxes:
Yeah, it's kind of nice to be organized.

- This morning I went to the 9:30 am worship celebration at the East campus, then sat in the cafe during the 11:00 worship celebration and read some in Francis Chan's book Crazy Love, then talked with Donna Webb for awhile (it was nice catching up with her), then went to lunch with some of the Pryor family. They told me they really missed being with me, that they enjoy being around me, and that I'm one of the persons in their lives who after being around, they leave feeling refreshed rather than drained. Man, that's great to hear someone say about you!

- I'm so blessed and honored to have such wonderful people in my life, like the Pryors and the Reeds and the Nevarezes and the Mosers and the Cossels and the Lopers and the rest of my family at Del Sol Church. I don't have real close family ties, so it's wonderful to have a church family who might as well be blood family.

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