Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Del Sol Church Northeast Campus Update

Here's the latest update on the Northeast campus:

- I've spent the bulk of my time this week getting ready to preach tonight at First Wednesday, refining my message, rehearsing it, working to get all the slides and songs and stuff ready. Now we wait ...

- As I said in my update last week, we decided to push our launch date off until January. I reworked the timeline today and so our new launch date is Sunday, January 10th.

- We'll order our equipment this summer and our pre-launch phase will begin this fall, when we start doing community outreach and servant evangelism events, and do a practice setup and then a preview service in October. We'll do another practice setup and a couple more preview services in November and December, then launch in January.

- The major goals for our launch Sunday in January are:

> For everyone to have a sense of a genuine encounter with God.

> To have 300 people attend - mostly unreached/unchurched, mostly under the age of 35 - and for several there to
make first time commitments to follow Jesus Christ.

> For everyone present to leave with a sense of hope and joy and excitement about the future God in store for them
and for Del Sol Northeast.

- Another good thing about having to wait until the New Year to launch is that we'll launch, and then just a few months after, we'll have Easter which should help boost our attendance some and make our growth go a little faster.

Here's how you can pray this week:

1. If you read this before 7 pm (MST) on Wednesday, pray for me as I preach and cast the vision for the Northeast campus at our First Wednesday communion service. I'm going to be asking people to join our prayer support team and to consider volunteering for short periods of time, so ask God to do what He's gonna do with tonight.

2. Pray for Walter and I as we think through when our paid staff would start their jobs. We can't start them too early, but I don't want to wait so long that we lose those who have said they'll join us as staff.

3. Pray for me as I lead a GrowGroup this summer, starting in June, that I'll be able to recruit a co-leader and 8 - 10 group members, and that we'll be able to launch 3 or 4 groups this fall. This summer group and these fall groups will be crucial to see how our launch will turn out.

Thanks for your prayer - they're definitely making a difference!

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