Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Five - Pet Peeves

Today's Friday Five: five pet peeves of mine, in no particular order:

1. The misuse of apostrophes. For example, many people would have written that first line this way: "the misuse of apostrophe's", which is terribly incorrect because I'm not using it in the possessive form. There was a cell phone business in El Paso awhile back called "Classic Communication's", which again is a horrible inaccurate use of the apostrophe. People - please, for the sake of our treasured American society, learn how to spell and learn how to properly use apostrophes!

2. Drivers who don't yield the right of way. For example, if there's a car waiting at a stop sign and there's a car in a turning bay on a divided road like Lee Trevino, who has the right of way? It's the one in the turning bay of course because they're not a controlled intersection because they don't have a stop sign. Or if you stop

3. Double negatives. Ooh, this one chaps my spurs! When someone says "I didn't do nothing!" I kind of want to punch them in the throat. Well not really, but remember that two negatives equal a positive, so when you say "I didn't do nothing", what you're really saying is "I did something", or if you say "I don't got none", you're actually saying that you do have some.

4. Drivers who feel it's their duty to share their music with everyone else on the road. They pump their music up so loud that all you hear is the thump-thump-thump of the baseline and the rattling of their license plates because of the sub woofers in their trunks. Fellow driver, if I wanted to hear the same thing you were listening to, I would've asked you what radio station you were listening to and tuned into that same station, or would have downloaded the same album you're listening to, or something. Let's just say I appreciate your generosity, but please - keep your music to yourself.

5. Reality TV shows. American Idol, America's Next Top Model, Dancing With The Stars, Big Brother, The Real World, etc. Seriously ...reality TV isn't even real! If you're gonna call it reality TV, show something actually has some resemblance of actuality, not some fake reality show you've manipulated so as to create drama and tension and comedy in a lame attempt to drive up the ratings. Oh and American Idol I detest you and how pointless you are. I yearn for the day when you are no more. =)

Side note: I think my use of apostrophes in this post has been accurate.

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