Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday night mind purge

- Ahh Monday. It was a good day. A lot of people are down on Mondays, but I think they're just Negative Nellies because I actually LIKE Mondays. On Monday I got into the office just a little after 9 am (which is the earliest I've been into the office in a LOOOOOOOOOONG time) and got a good amount of work done before heading out to Wayside to work the lunch crowd, then caught up with a few friends who were in town from college. After that, I went to the Bagel Shop in the Northeast to work for awhile, then when they close I went to read at Starbucks for awhile. It was a good day.

- I'm gonna miss volunteering at Wayside for lunch on Mondays when summer comes. Next Monday will be the last one until the new school year.

- On Tuesday I got into the office around 10 am (my usual arrival time) and worked for a couple of hours, then booked it to Hanks High School because I was told it was the last Youth for Christ campus club of the year. It wasn't, but it was so great to walk in and hardly recognize anyone because of all the new faces there. After that, I went to the Bagel Shop again for lunch and to work, then came back to the Eastside to look through some leadership development stuff at LifeWay.

- On Wednesday, I spent some time in the morning at the office then went alll the way over to the Westside to meet a friend for lunch and to talk about some Northeast campus business. I saw UTEP basketball coach Tony Barbee and the coaching staff having lunch at Sunland Park Mall's food court while I was there (he's the one on the right end of the table in the lighter blue collared shirt):
Coach Barbee

- I think food courts are pretty strange, but that's because I'm used to Cielo Vista Mall where there's no food court because each restaurant has a small seating place inside of it.

- After lunch, I went back to work at the office and then had a pretty good launch team meeting.

- I was at the office most of the day on Thursday, so I took a break around 2:30 and headed over to Bux in the Northeast to read for awhile and hopefully talk to some people there. That was a big aspiration because I'm so stinkin naturally introverted. I didn't get to meet anybody, but I did get some good reading done. That evening Rick, Kristin, Alicia and I went to Village Inn and were seated in a different part of the restaurant than usual, and the service there was really bad. Next time, they won't laugh when I insist we sit in our normal places.

- Friday was kind of a nice day to rest a little bit. I watched Paul Blart Mall Cop, and that was truly one of those films where the best scenes were all in the previews (which doesn't say much for the film). I ended up staying at home for pretty much the rest of the evening and resting.

- Saturday was a busy but very productive day; first I helped some other guys load up 4 truckfuls and a trailer full of office furniture donations for the youth yard sale next weekend, then went to lunch with them all, then cleaned out my car, then showered, then headed out to the Northeast in order to look for an American flag car flag. I didn't find one, but I ended up having dinner with the MacKays and then playing a couple of rounds of Skip-Bo with them. Fun times, fun times.

- This morning was just a great time being with other believers, talking with some of my church family, meeting new people, having lunch with my parents and the Pryors, then getting a haircut. Now, it's time to go unwind a bit and get ready for bed and for the zoo tomorrow!

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