Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday night mind purge:

- Monday was a weird day because we had our staff meeting then instead of on Tuesday. It threw my whole week a day off - I kept thinking it was the next day (for example, all day Friday I was thinking it was Saturday). Aside from volunteering at Wayside for lunch and staff meeting, I spent most of the afternoon at the office working on some projects for some things we're planning for this summer, reading, talking with other staff members about potential team members for the Northeast campus, and of course, thinking about the launch.

- Walter and I went to Leadership Network's Innovation3 Gathering in Carrollton (just north of Dallas) Tuesday and Wednesday. It was AMAZING. I loved the format of having 3 different speakers speak on the same topic from different perspectives in 45 minutes and the Bent Tree Bible Fellowship campus was really amazing. I mean, I've been to many nice churches but that is definitely one of the nicest campuses I've ever been to. It was also pretty great to get to know Walter better and think through some specifics with him.

- So I'll be preaching in the adult gathering pretty soon at the Del Sol Church East campus. I'll probably preach on a First Wednesday and Walter asked me to preach on a text, rather than do a topical sermon, so I'm thinking and praying about what text to preach on.

- Lots to think about after Innovation3. Lots to process, pray over, filter through the Word and the Spirit, and then figure out what God wants for our church and for the NE campus.

- Had a great lunch meeting on Thursday with some people that are thinking of joining the launch team. I cast the vision, answered some tough questions, and learned a lot about how I specifically need to keep refining the vision. I also started working on my notes for the presentation I'm giving to the senior adults next Sunday afternoon. I'm pretty excited/slightly nervous about that.

- I also talked to John Silva from the BGCT (Baptist General Convention of Texas) about the NE campus. He was really interested in what we're doing and kept saying over and over that Walter and our church are known for taking risks, and he wants to meet with me to talk more about it.

- It's kind of cool (kind of really cool) that we're known not just city-wide, but state-wide, for taking risks for the Gospel. That's exactly the kind of reputation I want us to have - that we'll do anything short of sin to reach the lost and help people find their way to God. Whatever it takes.

- Friday felt like Saturday all day. Not a very relaxing day, either. It's been a LONG time since my Sabbath day off was actually restful, and that's been bugging me a lot.

- Saturday was down the chain! I went to the Texas vs. The Nation game with Rick, Mitch, and some of the Pryors down at the Sun Bowl. After that we hung around for awhile, ran stairs, and in a moment of stupidity, I decided to foot-race David Pryor. I threw my back out really bad in that race to the car. Dang low back pain!

- Since it was sundown when we got back to the Eastside from the Sun Bowl, my 21 day fast was over and I was able to eat meat again. We got some pizza then chilled at 'Bux for awhile until the Pryor parents picked the Pryors up. Even though I hurt myself, it was a really great day.

- Rick and Kristin brought down the house this morning with their song set in the worship celebration gatherings! I really like the way Rick engaged the crowd and how the songs had a good flow between them. Walter started a message series based on Celebrate Recovery in preparation for the launch of our CR gatherings in March. I'm really excited to see the comments and commitments tomorrow that people made today.

- God is still working. He was working in the past, He's working today, and He's working in the future. I love to serve and love Him! I love to see Him change lives! Man, there's just nothing better than that. =)

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