Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Five - Interesting Experiences

Today's Friday Five - Five interesting experiences I had this week:

1. On Sunday morning I was walking across the parking lot at the DSC East campus and I had someone stop me just to tell me that my facial hair makes me look "sophisticated".

2. On Thursday I had dinner with Glen & Laura Torguson and had a great conversation with them. I asked them to pray about joining the Northeast campus team. I told them that I'm aware of the possibility that we might fail and Laura stopped me and said "uh uh, no - it won't fail".

Have you ever had someone tell you something and you just knew that you knew that what they were saying was true? This was one of those times for me. Thanks, Glen and Laura.

3. After the Mix on Thursday night I went with Rick and Kristin to Village Inn. Around 11 pm, ADT security services called me to alert me about a burglar alarm at the Firehouse. I told them not to send the police, that I would go check it out. I quickly paid my dinner bill and rushed over to the Firehouse to check things out.

We've had several false alarms over the years so I didn't really think anything of it, but I knew there was a first time for everything. As I was driving over, I was thinking about what would happen if I walked in and interrupted a burglary. I mean what if they shot me or jumped me and beat me down or something?

I went in and looked around and saw that nothing was missing. Apparently the back door had been left unlocked and someone opened it up and was probably scared away by the alarm sounding. As I looked around, Rick walked in. Apparently he came in to make sure I didn't get murdered or jumped. Thanks, Rick. It's good to know he's got my back.

4. Today I went to Peter Piper Pizza for lunch. As I was walking out, this family with little kids walked in. I smiled at the kids as they looked at me and then I smiled at the mom. She was smiling as she walked but when she made eye contact with me, she stopped smiling and gave me a dirty look. That was strange.

5. Eastwood High School puts on a production every year called Lip Sync, where they have the students do a song and dance, lip syncing Ashley Simpson style to almost 30 different songs. I'd heard of it for years but had never been before. It was really cool! Thanks Savannah for inviting me - it was definitely worth the the $8 admission.

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