Sunday, August 31, 2008

Post-weekend purge.

So it's been another whirlwind week. Every weekend I find myself asking where the week went; it's just crazy how time flies!

- Monday was the first day of school for several school districts in El Paso, including the Ysleta district where I live and where I volunteer. Every Monday at lunch I volunteer at Wayside Teen Center, and I've missed that all summer so it was good to be "back in the saddle", as they say.

- Tuesday was a super crazy office work day, and we met with the landlord of the shopping center that the Firehouse is in and talked about what we want to do with the suite next door that we will begin renting in September. We're going to make it a game room, leaving ALL of the current space in the Firehouse open for people to spread out in discussion groups on Sundays and more room for rows of chairs and to play group games on Thursdays at the Mix.

- It was really exciting to talk renovations, and I can hardly wait to see the work begin - but there is so much to do in order to do even such a minor renovation. Crazy!

- Wednesday was all day staff, which I wrote about earlier this week (see it here).

- Thursday was the Mix ...and it was awesome! You can read about it here.

- Friday ...ahhh, my day off. Oh how I love Fridays! I had some Peter Piper Pizza and then chilled at home and saw the movie August Rush. OH MY GOODNESS, that is a great movie! I love the music in it ...I just may buy the soundtrack.

- Saturday was the same as every Saturday has been for like 2 months because of the rain: yard work. There's been so much rain that the grass and weeds grow like crazy so between 4 yards at 2 homes, that keeps me very busy. After yard work, I had to go get some stuff done at the office for our Sunday morning gathering at the Firehouse, then make a Wal-Mart run. I was running around so much that I didn't even get to have dinner until about 8:30 pm.

- And today ...let's just say ..."eventful." After our church gatherings this morning, I took Kayla, David, and Leah Pryor out to eat at Pei Wei, and Rick Lovelady and Briana Loya joined us. Man, Pei Wei is so good! Anyway, for some reason in the men's restroom there's an interesting sign that seemed a bit out of place - see if you can figure out why:

After Pei Wei, I took the Pryors home. They live out in the county, in Fabens, Texas. I pulled up to their home and asked Kayla where I should park. Her response: "Oh anywhere." Naturally I thought "ok, I'll park anywhere." In hindsight, I probably should have thought it out a little more.

So I pulled up right by the front door and when I stopped, I saw a bunch of rainwater in the grass and thought "I'd better back out and park somewhere else" and then I heard it: the sound of tires stuck in the mud.

(you can't see it, but the front passenger's side wheel was stuck in the mud down to the axle)

So that was a new experience for me. I've been stuck in sand, but never in mud before. After probably about 15 minutes of pushing and rocking the car back and forth, we finally got it out (though Kayla and Leah made the bug guard on the front of my hood come loose).

The Pryor parents came home and showed me around the campus (they live at the International Family Missions site in Fabens), and then I headed home around 5 pm.

On the highway home, going 70 mph, the bug guard flew off my hood, struck my windshield, nearly scared me to death, then landed on the highway behind me and shattered into several pieces. Thankfully there was no damage to my CRV, but now it looks weird without the bug guard.

So all in all, it's been a great week. I really enjoyed hanging out the Pryors today, and I'm really looking forward to not working tomorrow because it's Labor Day. Can you say cookout!?

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Larry Barnes said...

I saw that same sign at the bowling alley! I thought the same thing, weird.