Sunday, August 10, 2008

Post-weekend purge.

- Went to see The Dark Knight on Friday with Jesse Loya. That movie was AWESOME! It totally lived up the the hype and Heath Ledger was incredible. Man, that movie was dark but awesome!

- My vacation ended yesterday. Bummer.

- It ended in a great way though: I spent the say doing yard work and the evening being with my favorite Fire Youth Ministry adult leadership team ever!

- It took FOREVER to mow the back lawn at our house in the northeast; the grass was LITERALLY almost as high as my waist. I like doing yard work though because it's so tangible - one minute the grass is waist high, the next it's short and neat and pristine. That's awesome.

- Today at Del Sol Church was AMAZING. Man it was SUCH a great day! The worship through music was so Spirit-filled, it just messed me up. "Oh God let us a be a generation that seeks Your face!"

- Troy had a great message. I think his message points should somehow be part of our core values at Fire Youth Ministry.

- It was really good to be recognized in the worship gatherings this morning. I totally did NOT expect to receive a standing ovation like I did in the first service.

- This week is gonna be SO busy. There's always so much to catch up on after being gone, plus we have to get ready for the cookout on Saturday, for the GrowGroups signup starting on Sunday, and for Promotion Sunday on the 24th. In the middle of all that, we've got to get ready for Sunday, interview a couple of new leaders, and prepare for All-day Staff Meeting on the 27th.

- I'll be teaching on prayer at the Mix on Thursday, August 28th. I'm REALLY excited about that.

- Finally, two very important people in my life, my good friends Dave & Katie Schubert added to their family yesterday:
And baby Haley Grace Schubert makes 3. This picture really makes me happy. =)

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