Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I will not be that person.

There's a former pastor of a church here in El Paso who has been in ministry at that church for a couple of decades, I think, and he was such an influential leader that if he asked the people in his church to do something, they would do it without asking. This guy wielded some serious influence but has to resign as pastor not because of any sin or moral failure, but because of an illness which the doctors have said will claim his life within a year.

Even though he wasn't the pastor, his church still loved him and supported him; he was STILL the influencer in that church ...until it happened.

It was found out that he had an affair and is getting divorced. [By the way, don't try to to guess who I'm talking about because you're probably incorrect =) ] Now people in his former church are not going to church, saying things like "why bother?" because of this man's sin.

I just found out about this situation this week and it's had me thinking - who would it affect if I committed some moral failure? Of the people I influence, who would say "why bother?", not wanting to have anything to do with God or with His Church because of what I did? It would kill me to have any of my youth say "why bother?" with God or His Church because of some stupid decision I made!

So my heart has been hurting for the church and the pastor I've written about above, and I've been investing some time into brutally honest self-evaluation this week because I do not want to be the cause of someone turning away from God or His Church.

So if you would, pray for God's Holy Spirit to empower me to be more disciplined in my spiritual life, to be daily connected to Him, to stay far away from anything sinful that might trip me up, and to be a humble, gracious, loving servant of all.

Please ...I need your prayers because I simply cannot be the stumbling block that would cause someone to give up on God or His Church. I cannot be the person that would cause someone else to say "why bother?" on God or His Church.

And while you're at it, pray for yourself as well, that you would not be that person either but would be spiritually disciplined, daily connected to God, staying away from sin, and living humbly as a gracious servant.

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