Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Five - Blogs.

It's Friday!!! That means it's time for another episode of "Friday Five", where I give you a list of 5 things; sometimes they're related, sometimes they're not.

On today's episode, we have Ariel's 5 favorite blogs as of now:

1. - Vince Antonucci is the lead pastor of Forefront Church in Virginia and will soon be leaving Virginia to start a church in Las Vegas - on the Strip. He is an incredible man of God, a risk-taker with God-honoring size vision, and describes himself as "Insanely Cool; Wildly Sexy; Hilariously Funny; Ridiculously Brilliant; Devastatingly Handsome; Always Humble." I've talked with Vince online but have never met him in person; I will one day because I want to be a risk-taker and big-visionary for God like he is.

2. - Mark Beeson is the incredibly humble, visionary Lead Pastor of Granger Community Church, a United Methodist Church in Granger, Indiana. If I could describe Granger Church in one word, I would call it incredible. Mark has been leading Granger for 20-something years and Mark & Granger are as sold out as ever to reach the unsaved and to be Kingdom-builders. He's also an amazing photographer. It would be a huge honor to meet Mark Beeson and I plan to do so someday.

3. - Ben Arment works with Catalyst in Atlanta. Oh my goodness - it would be a dream come true for me to simply attend a Catalyst conference, let alone actually work for the Catalyst organization. Ben is a former pastor and is now the Experience & Innovation Director at Catalyst, and the founder of The Whiteboard Sessions. Ben seriosuly questions and rethinks the way we do Christianity and Church, and that's good - that's something that I need, and I'm very grateful that I found his blog.

4. AND - These blogs are both from Oak Leaf Church in a northern suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Behind the Leaf is the ongoing story blog of Oak Leaf Church's journey since they began up to today. The Oak Leaf Church Blog is the blog of Michael Lukaszewski, OLC's lead pastor. I like these blogs because it's like reading an interesting story where a new page is written each day.

5. - "Swerve" is's blog, with LifeChurch's lead pastor Craig Groeschel frequently contributing to it. Craig Groeschel is one of the most influential leaders in Christianity. This guy is amazing - just check out's website ( and watch some of their media to see why.

Honorable mention goes to Daley Hake's blog ( This guy's photography is pure art. I love checking out his blog and admiring his photographic artwork.

Are there any blogs you follow regularly?

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Just started following you Ariel! Thanks for a great list of other blogs as well.