Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Five - Five Things I appreciate about Teri

Today's Friday Five - Five things I appreciate about Teri Valdespino, our Missions & Ministries Coordinator at Del Sol Church:

1. Her servant's heart. One thing that describes Teri is that she is a servant. Sure, she leads - but she does so as an incredible example of what it means to be a servant leader, to be first among equals. I've seen Teri lead in many, many things - and I've never once seen her complain or be afraid to get in the game and serve right alongside everyone else. She's definitely a servant.

2. Her caring, maternal heart. Teri has a great way of bringing a maternal ethos to things. She's a great mother to her two kids, and she carries that wonderful maternal attitude on in her work - which is definitely a good thing considering that she often works with people who really need a tender, caring touch.

3. Her willingness to grow. Teri came to Del Sol from working in a bank, so she's had to really be on her feet in order to learn about ministry, about leadership, about theology, about the Church - and she's never afraid to ask questions. She reads, she asks questions, and she learns. That's an awesome characteristic about her.

4. Her ability to build teams. Teri seems to naturally do what many other leaders struggle at - build teams around a single purpose. That purpose may be something as little as copying and stapling papers, or something as big as assembling an international mission trip. I've constantly been impressed at her team-building ability.

5. Her heart for the community. Teri has a big heart and a deep concern for our community - especially the poorest areas of our community, around Downtown and in Second Ward. I think that, paired with her Kingdom mindedness, is what makes drives her and makes her such a great Missions & Ministries Coordinator.

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