Wednesday, July 30, 2008


- Homes in Las Tierras are really expensive ...but REALLY nice!

- I'm amazed at how the human body works ...and how one little pinched nerve can spread the pain all throughout my body - but just on one wide. Weird.

- I love fresh bottled water straight from the refrigerator.

- I'm REALLY excited about the Mix tomorrow. It's gonna be tough talking about Catholicism but I think it just might be a life changing experience for some.

- If you're going to the Mix tomorrow, PLEASE bring a Catholic friend! =)

- I start my 9-day vacation on Friday; I've NEVER had 9 days off in a row so this is pretty exciting. I'm looking forward to lots of sleep, lots of food, lots of rental DVD's, and lots of reading all those books I have in my "to read" stack.

- I WAS planning on going to Ruidoso for part of my vacation but because of the ridiculous flooding there, I'm probably not gonna do that after all.

- I think I'm gonna wash my car tomorrow, even though there's a small chance of rain this weekend. I don't wanna damage the pain with all that dirt and stuff, ya know!

- I love driving and I love my CR-V!

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