Monday, July 28, 2008

Post-weekend ...

So this week's gonna be great, but REALLY busy. Thank God I get vacation time on Friday though. =)

- Kind of a slow week last week. Not slow in that I didn't do anything; slow in that nothing really major or worth writing about happened.

- I did meet with Troy and a mom on Wednesday; that was a really good meeting and hopefully she'll be joining our leadership team soon.

- Went to my orthodontist in Juarez on Thursday. I'll admit I was a bit nervous the night before but as always, God took care of us. It took us about an hour to come back over the bridge so obviously, things are getting back to normal there.

- Saw "21" on Friday. It wasn't nearly as good as the commercials made it out to be." Jumper" was much better.

- It rained most of Friday and LITERALLY all Saturday. I've never seen that kind of rain here in the 915, but it sure is great. Grass is so green and soft around here, the mountains are greening up, and the days are much cooler. It's been really, really nice.

- I spent a good part of Saturday trying to get ahead of myself and get things done so for my vacation that starts this weekend.

- Wow. Sunday was an AMAZING worship experience at Del Sol Church. Wow. It was so simple and so beautiful - no musical instruments, no fancy multimedia ...just hundreds of voices united in worship through singing. Wow.

- I was on the access road about to get on I-10 today and I saw the car in front of me get in a crash with the car next to it. It was like slow motion - I saw it happening and all I could do was honk and yell (as if they could somehow hear me). It was kind of eerie.

- What was really weird was that just a few minutes later I was getting off the freeway and I almost got hit by the care next to me.

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