Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Five

So I'm going to try every Friday to post a "Friday Five" blog where I'll write about 5 things - that may be a list of 5 different yet loosely related things, or 5 favorite blog posts from the past week, or a top 5 list, or 5 awesome Bible verses, or 5 sweet pics, or 5 something.

To give props where props are due, I got this idea from Michael over at Oak Leaf Church. You can check out the blog here:

Anyway, here are 5 of my pet peeves:

1. (This is DEFINITELY my top one right now) When people still call Del Sol Church "Vista del Sol" - or even worse, when they call it "Del Sol Baptist Church"! It's SIMPLY "Del Sol Church", people! There are good reasons why we dropped "Vista" and "Baptist" nearly a year ago. RAWR!!!

2. People who pull into the middle of the road, between the islands, when another car (like me) is already there waiting to go. Wait your turn people!

3. When people treat me or speak to/about me like I'm a kid. I know I'm not in my 40's, but I am not a kid. Don't treat me like a kid, don't speak to or about me like a kid, and by all means - DO NOT CALL ME "KID"!

4. Plastic packaging. Seriously - why does everything packaged in plastic have to be so difficult to open? Thank God for whoever invented electric scissors; now if only I actually had some electric scissors. =)

5. People who don't write in paragraph form. I mean seriously - break up your writing every 4 or 5 sentences! Don't write 50 lines in one big paragraph - English 101 people ...English 101.

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