Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday night mind purge ...

- Ahh Monday - what a busy day you were! You held a lot of message preparation, working on an ad for an upcoming message series, and doing some admin tasks at the office. You didn't hold much else aside from that, being that after work I just hung around home and worked on the plan for my upcoming vacation.

- Now Tuesday on the other hand - you were a pretty busy day, mostly spent at the office. Much of the day was spent prepping for Sunday morning, then prepping for GrowGroup that night. I really enjoyed the group that night - I left feeling super blessed and very glad I went.

- Wednesday was tough. Last weekend my knees started hurting, and by the time I had a PT appointment on Monday and again on Wednesday morning, they were hurtin' pretty bad. But I went into the office anyway, spent most of the day on the phone talking to other pastors on the phone, and getting ready for an important meeting I've got coming up soon.

- Thursday was a good day. I had a good lunch with a new friend, then a good meeting Downtown with a pastor friend of mine and received some good coaching and a swift kick in the rear that I definitely needed. After that, I walked out and saw that I had received a parking ticket because I forgot to feed the meter (idiot!), then came back to the Eastside and read for awhile at Bux. Afterwards I came home for awhile, had dinner, then went over to the Del Sol East campus to catch the end of rehearsal for Sunday, talk through a couple of details for Sunday morning, and talk with someone there about a project I'm working on. Then I went over to the Firehouse to say hi and ended up hanging out in the parking lot all night with some friends.

- Friday ...ahh, you were pretty restful. I slept in - but not as much as usual - and spent the morning relaxing, working on vacation plans, then getting some lunch and coming home to watch a redbox DVD and ice down my knees. Afterwards I took a nap, then had dinner and went over to the Pryors for a card game night. Let's just say "card game night" is a synonym for "ridiculous amounts of fun." I was there 'til about midnight, and was SO tired driving home, but it was worth it.

- So I slept in on Saturday a bit, and spent most of the day laying around resting my knees and icing them down because they were still hurting. I ran a couple of errands in the evening, went to the East campus building to get setup for Sunday morning (and locked my wallet, cell phone, and keys in the auditorium while I was at it), then came home and rested the rest of the night, getting ready for Sunday morning.

- And today was amazing. This morning I preached at our worship celebrations, for the first time, and it was great! Several people came just to see me preach, which was incredibly humbling and honoring. I think first and foremost, God was glorified, the Gospel was preached, and I believe I handled His Word in an appropriate and honorable way. Several people raised their hands, indicating that they were gonna commit their lives to Christ, and I had several people come up to me afterwards and tell me they were inspired/encouraged/uplifted. All things considered, it was definitely a great experience.

- Afterwards, I had lunch with my parents and my brother (who came in from PHX just to see me preach), then wasted some time online, took a nap, and unwound the rest of today.

- God is SO good. I'm excited for this new week to begin, especially since Walter and Teri and the rest of the Slovakia team are coming back on Wednesday.

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