Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Del Sol Northeast weekly prayer update

Here's the latest update on the Northeast campus:

- This week has been pretty busy so far! I’ve spent much of it preparing for my message this Sunday at Del Sol’s East campus, meeting with the NE staff to talk through our fall strategy, and working on some other projects for the church.

- I’ve had a lot of people ask me if things with the principal at Dr. Nixon Elementary have been resolved yet; the answer is “not yet – but I’m trusting God for it to be resolved.” The answer is “not yet” because the administration has been on summer break the past couple of weeks and won’t be back in the office until next Wednesday, the 22nd, so until then I have no way of getting in touch with the principal. Basically, I’m just stuck in neutral right now, not able to make any forward motion – but I’m going to call the school first thing next Wednesday morning and see if I can setup a meeting with the principal that week.

- So while I wait to get the location nailed down and then have Church on Wheels come down, do a site visit, and start putting together an order proposal, the next step is for us as the NE staff to create a detailed plan to promote the NE campus and work out the details of doing some community events like block parties, serving the community, etc.

- I’m also getting ready to print out a ministry plan to present to other churches and Kingdom-minded businesses in order to help us raise some more funds for our launch. When I approach these churches, I’ll need to be able to effectively present the vision in a compelling way, so that we can have those churches and businesses join us as financial partners in launching this Northeast location of Del Sol Church.

Here's how you can pray this week:

1. Pray for God to open the hearts and minds of the churches and businesses that I’ll be asking to join us as financial partners, and that He’ll provide all the resources we need to launch the Northeast campus well.

2. Please keep praying for clear communication and bridge building between the principal at Dr. Nixon Elementary and myself. Please ask God to show me how to properly communicate and cast vision to the principal there and for our relationship to be a good, healthy one that honors God.

3. Ask God to give Josh (our GrowGroups director), Nicki (our Worship Director), and I wisdom as we plan out all the details for promotion, serving the community, publicity, etc.

Thanks for your prayers - I truly believe they make a big difference.

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