Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday night recap.

- Monday we took a youth band field trip to Harvest Christian Center on the other side of El Paso. It didn't go exactly as planned because they experienced some techinical difficulties, but all in all I think it was very beneficial for our group - if for nothing else, because it was something fun and different than just playing and practicing week after week after week.

- Staff meeting on Tuesday. I love staff meetings - it's great to be surrounded by the other incredible staff members of Del Sol each week and refocus, problem solve, and pray.

- Wednesday night was our youth leadership GrowGroup. It was ...interesting. Lots of prayer after that night.

- Thursday night was the Mix and a church council meeting. The Mix was kind of a weird night, and I'm very eager to see what happened at the church council meeting. Hopefully I can find out tomorrow or Tuesday.

- After the Mix, Rick, Kristin, and I went to Whataburger for dinner and ended up staying there 'til a little after 2 am. We talked, joked, listened to lots of music on Rick's iPhone, and watched lots of people come in after the bars closed up for the night.

- Friday I forgot to post a Friday Five. Sorry, Rick!

- Also on Friday, I took Stephen and some of the girls to Las Cruces to see Fee, Phil Wickham, and Meredith Andrews. I really debated over whether I should go to the final home game for the Hanks season, and even though I would have loved to have been at that game, I'm really glad I went to the show. What an incredible worship experience!

- Fee puts on a GREAT show!

- Saturday we had a youth leader fellowship and I learned how to make potatoes au gratin. I've never cooked anything more than ramen or canned soup, so I was pretty excited to learn how to do that. This is what it looked like before I baked it:
Everyone seemed to really enjoy them and I even had someone ask for the recipe.

- Today I got to hang out with and teach the junior highers and then go to the 11 am service. It was a pretty cool morning worship experience. After that I went to lunch with the 'rents and stopped by the ATM to deposit a check. There was a fire truck, a couple of ambulances, and 5 or 6 police cars there so I drove over to see why. You have to look close in this pic, but there was a brown car that had crashed into Delicious Mexican Eatery:
I've seen this kind of thing on TV, but never in real life. It was so strange and sad. I just imagined people sitting there, enjoying some great lunch, when a car smashes into the store, food and plates and utensils flying everywhere, knocking people to the ground and maybe even pinning a person or two between the floor and the car. How terrible that must have been - all I could do was just pray for everyone in that place.

- This afternoon I went to check out the membership class at Del Sol. I hadn't been in nearly 5 years and I knew Walter had made some major changes since we adopted our current discipleship process. It was encouraging to see the 16 people there who were so eager to learn about the church, and it was a great, detailed reminder of why we do what we do and who we are at Del Sol Church.

Tomorrow ...a new week begins.

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