Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday night mind-purge.

- On Tuesday at our weekly staff meeting, God totally interrupted what we had planned and called us to take a risk. On Tuesday, we stopped what we were doing, prayed, and made the decision to move forward on something that we had been planning to do in the next few years, but that God is calling us to take a risky gamble step of faith on THIS year. This year, in this economy, in this stage in the life of Del Sol Church. This is totally a God-risk, and we're gonna see if it sinks or swims. If it succeeds, then it's gonna be AWESOME. If it fails, at least we'll fail spectacularly and go out with a bang! =)

- If things line up, I'll be an instrumental part of that risk.

- I REALLY wish I could talk about all the specifics of this. You have NO idea.

- On Wednesday, I went to Youth for Christ at Montwood High School. I just want to say that Wendell Powers from Cielo Vista Church is an incredible communicator.

- Wednesday night was my Youth Leadership Team GrowGroup. Right as I was about to get in the car to drive to the church building, I started getting a bad migraine. By God's grace I was able to lead the group, and when I got home at about 9 pm I just crashed and slept for like 10 hours.

- Whenever I get a migraine, it's always in the same spot and it's always about a 3 day experience. The first day I get the blinding, terribly painful, sharp migraine. The next day I feel like I was hit by a truck and my brain is in a vise. The third day, the "vise" finally releases, but it still hurts a bit.

- Thursday was my friend/accountability partner Jeremy Kroeker's birthday. 29 ...that's dangeously close to 30. I also had the privilege of preaching at the Mix that night.

- The energy at the Mix was really, really weird. It was a smaller group than usual, lots of people were not feeling well, and several had headaches. I still felt sick, and the negative energy didn't help much. Thank God He took over and spoke through me or else it would've been a disaster.

- Went to Taco Cabana with Rick and Kristin after the Mix. All I can say is "CHIMIS!!!" ...then in a sad, disappointed tone: "chimis ..."

- Friday was my day off, but I just did not feel rested at all. Saturday wasn't all that different because the faucet in the kitchen broke, so I had to learn how to replace it and how to replace some of the piping under the sink.

- Most of the week, I just felt like I was in a big funk and I was praying like crazy for God to restore to me the joy of my salvation.

- I finally felt His joy again this morning. Today was a pretty good day at church. Our numbers were up like crazy! Usually we have about 1,000 people including worship celebrations, youth, and kids but today we had nearly 1,000 people JUST in our worship celebrations!!! Talk about awesome energy!

- What a great message from God through pastor Walter today:
~ You can succeed in every way and fail at relationships.
~ It's not that you don't love your wife and kids's that you love your job more.
~ Why give yourself to those who don't love you at the expense of those who do?
~ Does God know He can trust you when you're all alone?
~ When the men of this church are united for one task, nothing can stop this church!
~ Ministry ALWAYS costs. It's often not comfortable and usually not convenient.
~ We have to become more than just coffee & donut Christians. What are you sacrificing for Jesus?
~ You wanna truly live? Gamble it all and go broke for Jesus.
~ The greatest challenge in life is to live for God. The question is ...are you man enough?

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