Thursday, November 11, 2010

International Justice Mission

My favorite non-profit organization is, without a doubt, International Justice Mission. You should give them money, and lots of it because they're doing AMAZING things in the Name of Jesus. They're fighting injustice and I believe that through God's power, they're winning. 

I support them financially each month, and this is why:

Location: Bangalore, India
Date: November 4, 2010
Result: 15 slaves freed
Dear Ariel,
Late last week, 15 forced laborers were brought to freedom from the brutal rock quarry where they had been held as slaves. In the quarry, they faced physical violence and verbal abuse — and several victims had not eaten for days at the time of the rescue operation.
Breaking News from Bangalore, India - Nov. 4, 2010
Now free, rescued laborers, accompanied by IJM staff, receive their official release certificates from local authorities.
The rescue operation posed significant challenges for IJM staff and our local government partners. The quarry was located on a dead-end dirt road — the final mile of which was impassible by vehicle.
Despite these obstacles, IJM and the local government and police were able to rescue all 15 slaves — each of whom received official Release Certificates, which entitle them to critical assistance from the government so they can rebuild their lives.
Three children who were living at the facility with their parents were also released and spared a future of slavery. These men, women and children are now back in their home villages, and are enrolled in IJM’s long-term aftercare program.
Thank you for your recent financial support. The freedom these 15 former slaves now know is just one example of how your giving has brought justice to victims of violent oppression.
Laurie Hayes
Laurie Hayes
International Justice Mission

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