Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I support Robert Cormell for Mayor and you should too!

It's been a long time since I have felt like I could fully & enthusiastically support a candidate for any elected office, but I'm glad to stand with Robert Cormell in his campaign to become the next mayor of this great city of El Paso, Texas.

I have known Robert for most of my life, having met him when I was about 10 years old. I was an employee of his for about 5 years as a teenager and for a short time after high school. I have seen first-hand how Robert runs organizations and manages financials, what his values are, how upright his character is, how he handles high stress situations, and how well he treats people even when they cannot do anything for him. In all of those things Robert excels with great integrity and unchanging conviction.

Robert is a compassionate man who cares very much about the people of this city. Long before he even thought about running for office he has been working hard to improve our city and influence for the better the future of its citizens. He has been a job creator for close to 20 years, often being the one to take a risk and give a teenager his or her first job. He and his wife started a teen center to reach out to teenagers nobody else seemed to care about, and several years ago he recruited influential men and women of the community to mentor at-risk youth in our city.

The quality of his character is of utmost importance since our local government has developed a notorious reputation in recent years for corruption. We need honest men and women of the highest caliber integrity - honest people who will not deceive the public, are not driven by favors owed to donors, and don't thirst for power at any cost. Robert is not "owned" by anyone and his conviction is to represent ALL El Pasoans, not just those of a certain political party or economic rank. He sees his role as mayor to truly represent the citizenry. Additionally, Robert is the only candidate I am aware of who has openly asked to be held accountable by the public for his performance as mayor.

All of the candidates for mayor have their good qualities and there are some excellent men who would make good mayors. Each of them undoubtedly loves this city and has a vision for progress. Out of all the candidates running for mayor, Robert is the BEST choice to lead our city forward in a way that creates jobs, restores trust in public officials, and unifies our city. He will bring progress not just for a select few but for the city as a whole. He will a mayor for every El Pasoan.

So if you believe in El Paso and want our great city to progress in a financially healthy and sustainable way, if you want our city to be in better condition for the next generation - then the best man for the job is Robert Cormell. I hope you will trust him with your vote for Mayor of El Paso.

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