Friday, September 16, 2011


Around the beginning of this summer a friend of mine mentioned something that I had always been favorable towards but never really thought about: adoption. They told me that they really want to adopt a child when they get married. They also asked me what I thought about adoption, and since then I've been thinking about it a lot.

Honestly, I had never really thought of it that much - but I have never felt negative or turned off to it at all. As a matter of fact when I was growing up, my parents frequently talked about their desire to adopt a little girl - so adoption has always been seen as a realistic, desirable thing in my family. So when my friend asked what I thought about adoption, I told them I wouldn't mind adoption at all. As a matter of fact, I might even want to adopt someday if I get married.

So ever since my friend rekindled that thought in my mind, I've been thinking about it ...a lot. And then a couple of Sundays ago I saw a story on the front page of the El Paso Times about the difficulties of adoption in Mexico. I believe it was on September 4th, now that I think of it. So the article was chronicling the story of an American family who has been trying for years to adopt a Mexican girl. They've spent thousands of dollars on administrative costs and court costs, and in making trips to Juarez to go see her over the years. They've basically watched her grow up and even though the Mexican government is making it nearly impossible for them, they still have hope that she will soon be part of their family.

The article also talked about many other kids who are in that orphanage waiting for a forever family and it showed several photos of the kids - some of them teenagers - playing at the orphanage. I looked at those photos of the little kids and thought maybe someday I'll adopt a child like them. I looked at the photos of the teenagers and wanted to be an older brother to them.

Honestly, it's really bothered me since then that SO many of these kids have been waiting for SO long, and that the Mexican government is making it so difficult for the adoptions to be finalized. It just doesn't make sense to me.

So ...adoption. It's a beautiful thing and it's an amazing, visible picture of God's love for us. Someday if I ever get married, I think I'd like to look into adoption. I pray and hope my wife will be open to that, because I think adoption is a really great thing.

What about you - have you ever thought about adoption? Would you be open to adopting a child?

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